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How good is the Don’t Starve game so much it infuriates the player. If you like to play cool games and at the same time you love suffering, then Don’t Starve is what you need! The game begins in the fall, when it is still warm and there is a lot of food and resources around and everything seems to be fine, but every minute your situation can get worse. As a result, the realization comes that everything in this game wants your death. In the swamp from the dungeon of the character, tentacles spank, bloodthirsty mosquitoes bite, spiders attack, and then evil dogs attack from nowhere! Then, when you cut down trees, one of them suddenly turns into a huge treant.

We recommend playing Don’t Starve to those who have really strong nerves and if you lose, you won’t break your computer, because you’ll have to die here often. Despite such a harsh but funny description at the same time, you probably thought about what this game is all the same? Let’s get started with our Don t Starve review.

The Main Idea of the Game Don’t Starve

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The essence of the game may seem unobvious – it’s just to survive. Some might say, “Why would I play this if there are tons of other survival games out there.” In fact, you won’t find such an atmosphere like in this game anywhere, especially if you play with friends. You get together and start to survive together. If you are interested in Dont Starve release date, then it is April 23, 2013.

Don’t Starve Gameplay

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Before starting the game, you need to decide whether you want hardcore or just casual survival. The world can be completely customized to your taste, we do not advise you to play with the standard settings. Make more monsters, and the night is longer – this would give a little hardcore and so much more fun to survive. The stimulation doesn’t end there. Don’t Starve has three main requirements:

  • Hunger – there is a lot of food in this game, it can be eaten both raw and cooked, but not all food has a good effect on your character;
  • Health – you can be treated with all kinds of ointments and food;
  • Sanity – it can fall from various factors and it is advisable for you to have time to keep track of it and during lifting.

It is difficult to say which of these three indicators is the most important, because the loss of hunger and sanity points would lead to a slow death, and health points – to a quick one. After the start of the game, the inevitable waste of hunger points can push you to search for food and explore the world. As the name of the game tells us, the food is really very important here and, nicely, is well crafted. With a couple of dozen different dishes (the recipes of which you, of course, do not own) can restore a different number of hunger points, as well as sanity and health. The world in which we have to exist is replete with various products growing right under our feet and running across the plains, but not everything is so simple.

How do newbies play Don’t Starve? On the first day, you need to farm resources for a fire or at least for a torch, because the darkness won’t spare you. If you enter the darkness, you’ll die in a few seconds.

Don’t Starve has a very elaborate crafting system. Almost always, you won’t have enough resources because first you need to craft first one copy of the thing, and then the second, and so on.

Difficulties in the Don’t Starve

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Even if you finally find a great place to build a camp and make a fire, you won’t be able to live like this for long. External factors would always act on you, which would force you to develop rapidly and very often die. You need to explore the world around you in search of the necessary resources for crafting things. One of the strongest incentives to grow at Don’t Starve is the changing seasons. By the way, the Don’t Starve rating rose exactly after the introduction of the systems in the seasons, because the level of courage increased a lot.

For those who do not know what Don’t Starve is at all, we’ll tell you a little gameplay mechanics. After you have just started the game, you’ll be greeted by the most calm and favorable season – this is autumn. There is no supernatural happening in Don’t Starve in the fall. It is a warm but slightly rainy season. Finding food and a place to sleep is quite a simple task for the player to solve. A harsh winter awaits you ahead, for which you need to prepare, get fur and craft warm clothes for yourself, as well as stock up on food.

It’s very easy to turn into a block of ice and die in Don’t Starve in winter, so your survival skills should start working on a new level. It is necessary to stock up not only food and warm clothes, but also warming stones and other things. Make plant beds around your house and find buffalo or pigmen walking around. At the end of winter, the Cyclops deer boss decides to visit you, which must be defeated.

After winter, spring would come. It rains constantly this season and your character gets wet, as well as his personal belongings. It is necessary to craft an umbrella and other gadgets. Also at this time of the year, thunderstorms are actively raging, which can also suddenly kill you. Boost your Don’t Starve graphics to the max this season because it’s incredibly beautiful.

Summer is mechanically similar to winter, but it is not the cold that kills you, but the heat. Therefore, it is necessary to make all the important adaptations in order to protect yourself from sandstorms and overheating from the aggressive sun.

Do not be discouraged if you do not manage to live as long as you would like, because after death, all the experience equal to the number of days lived is accumulated by your characters and opens up something new for them.

Don’t Starve Characters

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All the characters in the Don’t Starve Together version are very good. Each of the characters in Don’t Starve has its own storyline, individual appearance, character and skills. Also, each has its own pros and cons.

Let’s say the character Willson – he has no special skills, but at the same time he has no shortcomings, only a beard grows. The Webber character is a very cool character and many users consider him their favorite. He looks like a humanoid spider, although in fact he is a child living in the body of a spider. Of the minuses of Webber – he has lower sanity than other characters, but at the same time more health and satiety. One of the advantages of Webber is that Dont Starve creatures are neutral towards him. This was a story about only two characters, and there are still a lot of them, so we recommend that you definitely familiarize yourself with each of them.

Don’t Starve or Don’t Starve Together?

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What is the difference between Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together? Both games are currently supported. Don’t Starve does not have a co-op mode, but for this version there are most of all various updates and DLCs that are not in the Together version. If we talk about Don’t Starve Together, then characters are added here that are not in the regular version of the game, but in fact there is already so much content that it is simply difficult to keep track of it. The blog authors tried to tell all the most interesting things in the Don’t Starve game review, but in fact this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can only enjoy the game and feel the full range of emotions by playing it, so do not hesitate and download Don’t Starve rather.

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