Every successful gamer sooner or later finds a moment when he opens new boundaries of understanding. When you get to Dota 2, this skill will be extremely necessary and key. If this is the first time you enter a game, you must start from Dota 2 basics. Get ready to spend quite a lot of time on this because Dota is an infinite number of different mechanics and outcomes.

If you plan to become a good player, you must understand that it will take about 700-1000 hours of playing time to learn the basics of Dota 2. Unfortunately, it will not spare beginners and will make you suffer for some time, but when you master all Dota 2 things, the taste of each victory will be fantastically sweet. We want to make your way a little easier with our Dota 2 beginners guide, where you will find step-by-step instructions on basic mechanics that can soften your initial torment.

Start with a Basic Training

dota2 beguinners gu

Dota will not please you with matches against real players if you do not pass the basic training. Even if you have played another MOBA game, such as League of Legends, you should still do it. Trust me, Dota is a very unique game, which differs from its colleagues in complexity and requires skill. Once you are trained and familiar with the basic gameplay, move to practice with bots. Start with an easy level of difficulty bots. Set the next level of difficulty, when you feel that you can cope without problems. Our Dota 2 starter guide is not for the rush, but high quality, so if you apply this advice, your path will be more effective.

Last Hit and Denying

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And so, when you get into the game against bots, this is the first thing you should pay attention to. Remember, if you don’t last hit the creep, you don’t get the gold. This is the most important type of mechanics that you should master as soon as possible. Focus on this in the game against bots. Against the players, you will need to pay attention to many things, but gold mining is a key part of the game. You don’t have to constantly deal damage to enemy creeps, it works against you, but we will talk about this later.

One of the most unique Dota 2 basics is the possibility to deny allied creeps, towers, and teammates. When you make denies, the opponent loses experience and gold. When you will master the last hit and denying, you will be able to earn gold and experience much faster than the enemy team, which will allow you to dominate in many games.

Don’t Rush to Fight

dota2 basics

The more you play, the faster you will learn to feel the moment when you should attack and when to retreat. Remember a few Dota 2 tips for beginners, which relate to battles.

  • If you understand that the enemy is alone on the lane and he is near your tower, then attack him together with your ally.
  • If the enemy heroes are trying to destroy your tower, most likely, your team will defend it. Pay attention to the number of allies and opponents near you. If there are more enemies, it is better to retreat and let them destroy the tower.
  • The enemy hero is one near your base, and there are allies nearby. Use this situation to punish the stray hero.

These simple rules can lift you up above many Dota players. Be sure, if you always keep them in your head, you will win much more.

Beginners often like to fight with enemy heroes, but you should remember that a thoughtless attack promises you the right death. As long as you don’t know all the abilities of other heroes, you should avoid unnecessary fights. In the game, try to track what abilities other heroes have. To learn more about any hero, you can left-click on him during the game and read all the information about his abilities. I advise you to do it while you’re dead. It’s the most effective way to use death time in the initial phase.


dota 2 starter guide

The next step in our Dota 2 strategy for beginners will be understanding the items. When you enter the store, you will see a list of recommended items. Buy them and try to understand everything that each item gives to your hero. Many items in Dota have active abilities that can change the outcome of games. When you have studied all the items in the store, you will be able to make your own decisions about the build that will be most effective in the game.

Never buy a recipe for an item in the first place. It simply does not give any useful stats for your hero. For example, if we consider the Black King Bar, then you’d better buy the Ogre Club in the first place, which will increase your strength. This will increase your health, so it will be harder for the enemy to kill you. The recipe will give you no stats, and you will lose the pace of development, which is very important in Dota.


This is probably the most difficult item to describe in the Dota 2 new player guide. The fact is that the Dota 2 community is very passionate and compulsive. Most players prefer to blame other players for losing. However, at the beginning of the game, try to communicate with the team. If you feel that your ally is starting to annoy you, give him mute. You can do this on the scoreboard by pressing the speaker button. If you have no desire to see a chat message from a particular player, press the T button in the same place.

Don’t waste time on aggressive communication with other players. Try to focus on yourself and your game in every match. If your allies are adequate, try to interact with them to improve your teamwork. It’s best if you play with a friend who can speed up your learning process. You will be able to understand how to interact with other heroes.

How to Get into Dota 2?

Dota 2 is hard for beginners, and there is nothing you can do about it. However, there are many guides in the network that will help you get to know the characters better and understand the game mechanics deeper. There are a lot of defeats waiting for you, but also many incredible victories.

Follow our guide to Dota 2 to make it easier for you to join the game. Our main advice – do not to take defeat as something bad. Take a lesson from each game and become better because only this approach will make you the high-skill player of Dota 2.

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