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How difficult it is, in our age of information technology, to keep up with all the innovations of scientific and technological progress. Sometimes, in order to understand the functionality of a particular program, you have to search through half of the Internet. Today we’re going to show you do pros use Quickcast and save you the hassle of surfing the web.

Many problems with computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets appear, seemingly out of the blue. I would like to connect Wi-Fi, but the device doesn’t see the network. I would like to disable the paid service of the mobile operator, but it is so hidden that it is easier to spit on it. But now there is no need to surf the Internet to find answers to these questions. So let’s get down to the full details of what is Quick Cast and what you get with this feature.

What Is Quick Cast?

quick cast

The essence of the Quick Cast function is that when you press the key of any active ability or item, it will automatically apply them in the area where the mouse pointer is. You don’t have to confirm the use of the ability/item by clicking the left mouse button.

You can activate and configure Dota 2 Quickcast directly in the settings of the game itself, in the “Hotkeys” tab. Furthermore, you need to check the box next to “Enable Quickcast” and assign the keys to the keyboard that you will use during the game.

Getting used to the new function of Dota 2 Quick Cast isn’t easy enough, muscle memory will constantly force you to click on the mouse button after pressing a key on the keyboard. Of course, this kind of inconsistency will be detrimental to the overall performance of the game. The adaptation time here is very individual, someone will get used to it in a couple of days, and someone can adapt for more than a month.

It is precisely because of this complexity that many players have doubts before learning whether they need it at all, whether it is worth spending time on do pros use Quickcast LoL, and whether these bonuses are even worth it. Next, you will learn all the main charms that this function gives and understand that it really needs to be tried and used.

Who Exactly Is Quick Cast Dota 2 For?

In fact, this type of application is suitable for any hero, moreover, on many, you may not even notice that they are enabled, since they don’t change anything when using AoE skills. However, for such a hero as Earth Spirit, they are almost mandatory, making a Quickcast with one stone is the most difficult of the technical components of Earth. It is much easier to do it with Quickcasts than without them.

In order to make the most popular combo on this hero, you need to put a stone in front of you, then push it into the enemy, then catch it as soon as the stone stuns the enemy and return it back, putting silence on the victim, then you should roll in. So, catching a stone after pushing it off all the way isn’t an easy task, but using this function you can simply click behind the victim, and as soon as the stone is in the place of the click, it will be attracted to you.

What Bonuses Does Dota 2 Quickcast Give?

You can safely say that there are bonuses. Any player who masterfully masters this function will always be one step ahead of the one who doesn’t use them. As the name suggests, the main purpose of a Quick Cast is to save time. The savings are of course scanty, but they are. A simple example: two Axes, one with the function enabled, the other not, let’s try to kill five heroes with the ultimate ability.

The time savings will be about half a second, that is, for each application, about 0.1 seconds, this is the time it takes you to click the mouse button and which you will save using Quickcast Dota 2.

In some situations, this may not play absolutely any role, for example, if you raised the enemy in Eul for Lina, and you wait for him to lower to give him a stun at his feet. In other situations, this can be extremely useful. For example, let’s take congenital or purchased Blinks, here it’s not even the tenth, here sometimes even hundredths of a second can decide whether you will stay alive or not. Blinking from a Hook or Stan flying at you is much easier with the included Dota 2 Quick Cast.

Remember the famous Storm from the player SumaiL, who cannot be caught until he runs out of mana. Without Quickcast Dota 2, such speed cannot be achieved, you will lose those very fractions of a second after each stop in the ultimate, of course, at each such stop you can be caught and given some Stan, Silence, or Hex. Another important feature is the time saving when eating your way through the forest with the help of Tango. You just run and eat trees at the same time, you don’t have to constantly click one or the other button on the mouse, which greatly slows down this process.

Do pros use Quickcast LoL is also very effective with all abilities and items that lack casting animation? Hex or Eul is the best example, you save precious seconds, in addition, you can simultaneously run and spam Hex to the place where the enemy is supposed to be. Without function, you can perform only one action, either run or poke Hex, you won’t be able to do this at the same time. Thanks to such an opportunity, you can shoot down the Teleport to the enemy, at the last fraction of a second, or instantly catch the enemy who makes Blink on you from the darkness.

In general, it has a lot of advantages and benefits, you just need to get used to it and the level of the game will immediately rise a little. But besides the positive, there are also not very pleasant points to consider when do pros use Quickcast.

Cons of Quickcast Dota 2

quickcast dota 2

It is impossible not to mention the minuses, of course, there are not so many of them, but here, for example, one of them: without this function, when activating abilities with AoE action, for example, the ultimate hero Enigma or hero Puck, you are drawn an area in which a certain useful ability will be applied.

However, if you start using Quickcast Dota 2, nothing like this will be drawn. From this it follows that you should remember and feel intuitively all these AoE radii, which means that you should play Dota 2 well enough.

Dota 2 Quickcast is a tool designed for experienced players, since after pressing a key you will no longer have time to think, the spell will be used instantly. Nevertheless, playing with the same Void, it is much easier to turn off the function for the use of Chronosphere than to guess where you will put it in the end.

You don’t really need to use this on absolutely all abilities or items, you can enable them only for some, for example, only for slots in the inventory where Blink, Hex or Eul is located, or only for certain abilities and only for certain heroes.

Using Dota 2 Quickcast

As it is already clear from the above, quickcasts speed up the hero’s casting, since you no longer need to click the mouse. Quickast when playing on Wraith King will be almost invisible, since he has only one skill and that requires only one click, so there isn’t much difference for this hero. Just press the skill and select the target, after which the stun flew.

And if you imagine that you need to stun the enemy on Earth Spirit, then the situation becomes much more serious. You need to put a stone, this is a button “+” mouse click, push a stone, this is also a button and a click. Let’s say this state of affairs is not very scary, because all this is done in a split second, even for a not very skillful player. But the same WK gets an advantage over the Earth because he needs half the time to cast the stun, this isn’t fair.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the Land is rarely limited to just one camp, you still need to silence and roll in, this is another 2-4 clicks and button presses. As a result, we get a situation where procasting takes a lot of time for us, much more than for ordinary heroes. So, to give silence, stun and slowdown, we need at least 4 button clicks and the same number of clicks. Even at lightning speed, it’s more than just 4 button presses.

Summing up, we advise everyone who is eager to win tournaments and is seriously thinking about eSports – to urgently learn Quick Cast Dota 2. Very soon it will be just a shame to play without them, and it will be impossible to defeat rivals. Good luck!

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