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It may be difficult for you to answer the question of how do I play Dota 2 if you don’t know a great way to show your friends and players that you can play as a support. But this isn’t as difficult as it seems at first glance. You just need to try it and practice during Dota 2 play.

Let’s start with the fact that many who play on any MMR range and prefer to increase their rating have faced situations where they simply took all the key roles and only had to pick support so that there was at least some balance between the teams and a chance to win, but that and the trick is that 95% of people under 5K MMR don’t understand what to do while playing this role, but in fact, from 0 to 15-20 minutes, support heroes play the most important role in the game than any other position. How many farms your carry will get depends on your actions on the map and how quickly your mid will take out the necessary items to help on other lanes. Today we will show you Dota 2 laning guide and what support needs to do from spawning at the fountain to the mid-game stage (15 minutes).

Dota 2 Support Guide

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Let’s start with what the Dota 2 supports should do before the creeps start. At this interval of the game, our goal is to equip the vision to see the enemy in such a way that it helps in defense and attack, and of course to make sure that the enemies don’t have such an advantage.

We recommend placing wards on the central lane, since you will be on the easy lane yourself, so you will control all movements yourself. And on the mid lane, you can see the attacks on your mid lane in advance and, accordingly, make the TP earlier. Well, with a ward on the hard line, your offlaner will be able to behave more confidently. If you managed to find out where the enemy Dota 2 support set the wards, then with the appearance of 100 gold on the sentry, immediately buy and deward.

Moving on to the early game. The following support items Dota 2 will help you better understand this aspect:

Control a Comfortable Carry Farm and Drive Out the Hardliner

We stand to harass, make bends, deprive the harder of the EXP, be sure to take the bounty of the runes. By the way, one of the indicators of the effectiveness of harassing can be considered the amount of healing the hardliner has (if he has already spent three tangus, then everything is fine).

If the Hardliner Is Pounded, Leave the Line

Further, it makes no sense to style the EXP for your carry. The second situation is when the harder cannot be driven away, but the carry can farm. Such a situation can arise, for example, against Timbersaw (it isn’t possible to kill and drive him out, he cannot do anything on your carry up to a certain level). In such a situation, you can exchange the lane with the second support (sky), or leave the lane and leave the carry of the experiment (since you are useless).

It Isn’t Possible to Drive the Harder Away, While He Strains Your Carry

If you stand with your carry and you have a disable (eg. rasta) then there will be an attack – stay in the lane. Whatever you do, you always need to think about what else needs to be done to be more useful for the team.

How to Play Dota 2 Better: Useful Ideas

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Now let’s talk about such Dota 2 support items that we consider quite useful. For example, if you successfully chased the hardliener, then most likely he will go into the forest, go to him and make his life more difficult, steal bounty and creeps. Sometimes it’s enough to just stand there and steal EXP and get on your nerves. If you do this, then you are hardly afraid of the harder. But enemy support who will come to his aid is still worth fearing.

Therefore, we want to recommend to you such items as a slipper, ward, and teleport. With a boot, they are unlikely to catch up, a ward from going into the back, but with a teleport just fly away if something happens. What do we have: our carry is on a free arm, the enemy hardliner doesn’t feed and shares the EXP with you, the enemy supports Dota 2 are being drawn to you.

As for ganking in mid, everything is also clear here – they must always be done regardless of the situation. Also, if your mid lane is directly humiliated, then it will be correct if you come to mid and chase the enemy mid-lane. Go to the high ground of the enemy mid-lane and move back and forth, simulating an attack. Let’s say that the enemy mid-lane goes to beat the creep, and at this time you go to him as if attacking. As a result, he turns around and doesn’t finish off the creeps. You must repeat this over and over again until your mid is stabilized or someone comes to chase you away. This is one of the best options for how to play support Dota 2.

Now let’s move on to trying to kill the enemy keri. This is a pretty daunting task, as support Dota 2 runs next to cerry. We buy a smok and when your harder has a 6th level or good killing abilities (stun, disable) we try to kill the enemy carry with him. It didn’t work to kill – you just need to harass him and pull enemies to help. We also always check the presence of TP in the enemy support.

Dota 2 How to Play Support: A Little about Timings

dota 2 how to support

Let’s move on to the timings. All players should follow them, but since everyone is too lazy to do this, we urge you to do it! They killed Roshan, recorded the time, Enigma used ultimate – recorded it, and then in the same spirit.

Without this, you won’t be able to understand Dota 2 how to support. Space creation (space for farming), we have already talked about the various pulling of opponents onto ourselves, now we will put it into separate points:

If Several Opponents Are Aimlessly Chasing You, Then You Are the Winner

You open up the space for teammates who are breaking out in terms of farming and experience.

If an Enemy Carry or Mid-Lane Character Starts Chasing You, Then Consider That This Is a Small Victory, since the Cores Need to Be a Farm without Stopping

The main thing here is to do everything wisely and carefully so as not to accidentally fly off to the fountain.

Demolition of an Enemy Tover – Usually, the Demolition of the Tower Somehow Happens by Itself

But if you go deeper, then the demolition of enemy guns in the early game begins based on the following conditions:

  • there is no enemy on the line, or he is 1 and does not threaten you;
  • you are outnumbered or your heroes just have pushing abilities (lukan hawl, troll ultunul), and the tower fell in a matter of seconds.

If You Want the Demolition of the Tower to Begin, You Yourself Need to Organize It

It is often enough to just go where your hero is. Thus, teammates feel the sub-save and act more relaxed.

To reinforce all the above, we want to say one thing: at medium and low ratings, you don’t need to become a support for Dota 2 position 5 or Dota 2 position 4 heroes and buy wards with all the money.

On such an MMR, people don’t know how to take advantage of the vision, they often don’t even see at close range that they are being bypassed from behind in the ward.

Try to always keep 2-3 ops at strategic important points, or there is at least one aggressive ward on the enemy half of the map. On such ratings, Force Staff or Glimmer cape on the support is more important than the constant 4 Observers and 4 Sentries.

Thanks for reading! We hope that this information about how to support Dota 2 was useful to you. Subscribe to be the first to know about new features in games and many other interesting things.

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