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Players of Dota 2 or League of Legends traditionally have a fierce confrontation in the question of the superiority of the game. In the end, both games take their roots from Warcraft III with its Dota Allstars. In the camp of Dotters, there is a view that League of Legends a much-simplified version of Dota, but not everyone can describe this difference. We won’t divide the games so radically into black and white, but one thing is absolute – LoL is much less cruel to beginners than Dota 2. How many players can point to the real, significant disadvantages of this or that game? Let’s try to understand more details and make our list of differences.

What Are Their Similarities?

The main unifying feature of Dota 2 and LoL is a single game genre – MOBA. Both games have inherited a lot of the best features of their ancestor Warcraft III, significantly diversifying the gameplay with their chips and innovations, especially the League of Legends. League of Legends is a completely independent game, with new champions, game mechanics, schemes, and abilities. The main goal of Riot Games in creating the League was to make it accessible, and players feel that in its relative simplicity.

Active Abilities and Features

dota2 or league of legends

The scheme of building a MOBA game is always tied to a variety of abilities that characters have. Dota 2 or League of Legends have different heroes with different mechanics. However, the spells of the heroes of Dota 2 are much larger and more complex than in LoL. When you enter Dota for the first time, all characters will be available to play, while in LoL, all champions will open depending on the amount of blue dust that you will spend to buy a new one. It allows you to study the characters in order. The first launch of Dota will make you suffer from a misunderstanding of why you are dying and what abilities your opponent uses because you can meet any hero.

At the moment, Riot adds new mechanics, making each character unique and strictly divides them into roles.

In Dota, there are a lot of schemes of game development, in the sense that each character can be taken on any line and effectively apply it. In LoL are strictly distributed the roles of champions on each lane. It is highly probable that the appearance of the champion on other lanes will lead to a team defeat, while in Dota, the player can be very dangerous with any line. This leads us to the fact that it is easier for beginners to master LoL. This is the first answer to the question of why the League is better than Dota.

Ability to Deny a Creep or a Tower

In Dota 2, you have the opportunity to deny allied creeps and also your own defense towers, leaving the enemy out of business and depriving a significant part of gold. Moreover – you can do allied hero, but only in a few individual cases, for example, if the player is under the influence of poisoning/bleeding (DoT – DamageOverTime) and is about to die.

This difference very significantly takes the compared games in different directions, especially it is tangible for beginner players of Dota 2, as experienced players can simply leave them without gold!

This kind of mechanics makes Dota more multifunctional and wider as the number of decisions you have to make increases. If we go back to the question is Dota 2 harder than League, this aspect definitely raises it higher.

Something about Game Mechanics

why lol is more popular
  • In both games, the death timers to the end of the game are very long, however in Dota 2, if you have enough gold, you can buyback.
  • This feature changes the whole course of the game, which adds intrigue to each match.
  • There are several stores in Dota 2 – one on the base and a “secret” one in the jungle.
  • There is also a courier that can deliver your items from the store, wherever you are.
  • These are only the simplest examples, but in reality, there are many more subtleties.
  • Even the only competent use of the buyback or courier puts your skill in the game on a different level.
  • It is worth noting that in the League of Legends player does not lose gold after death, while Dota 2 has its own scheme for regulating the degree of reward with murder.

Dota 2 vs. LoL

is dota2 harder then league

There are many different mechanics. Each player chooses LoL or Dota according to different preferences. Dota 2 is really more complicated, but you can’t say that it is better or worse. The two games have contrasting vectors of development, despite the same genre. LoL has faster dynamics and, rarely games last more than 40 minutes, while games in Dota can last more than an hour. League is constantly changing and makes players adapt to new conditions. Dota also changes but not as often and not as critical as it happens in LoL.

LoL is updated very often and allows players to get paid content for free, simply by the fact that you will play. This is just one of the reasons why LoL is better than Dota and why LoL is more popular than Dota.

Dota is very versatile and diverse. It will take many hours and effort to master it. To win, you will have to put all the force in each game. There are many more different mechanics in Dota, which make the game diverse and interesting. Is Dota 2 better than the League? In some aspects, yes, but not in everything. It is impossible to unambiguously answer this question because these are just games of the same genre.

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