dota dragons blood

You won’t believe what we are going to tell you! Netflix together with VALVE is making a new project – DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. It is a title for an upcoming anime based on DOTA Universe. About what this animated series will be? Watch this video below.

What is the release date of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Netflix)? As you can see in the one-minute teaser trailer video (0:37) the release date is 25th March 2021. Less than 5 weeks and you will see a pilot episode! What we already know about anime? The length: 8 series; Author of animation: Studio MIR; The content: the anime about the middle-aged world (knights, horses) filled up with magical creatures like dragons. Potential protagonist: Davion, the Dragon Knight (Dota 1-2).

Interesting fact: DOTA 2 isn’t the first and original large free-to-play MOBA preparing its solo TV show. Riot Games is struggling to launch an animated series pack in the League of Legends world called Arcane. The concert was postponed from its original 2020 announcement and is now recorded to come out someday this year. Will Riot Games try to show LOL Arcane before DOTA 2 anime from Netflix? We will see soon.

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