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On August 31, 2020, the EA Play service, which previously existed under the name EA Access, will appear in the digital store Steam. The appearance of the subscription was announced by Electronic Arts.

The basic version of the subscription allows you to get ten hours of access to all the new products and the basic library. In addition, the owner of this subscription version will get a 10% discount on games in Origin. It costs 5 USD per month or 25 USD per year.

Available and premium subscription EA Play Pro. It will cost 15 USD per month. But owners of this subscription will have access to all the company’s new products and expanded library.

Recently EA Sports realized a new FIFA 21 game, dedicated to career mode. EA Sports gives the opportunity to reduce the total price of the chosen version of FIFA 21. The cost of the standard edition of the game for PlayStation 4 is 70 USD but it can be reduced by 20%. Detailed instructions are available on the Steam and Origin Sites.

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