The Epic Games Store offers to get free GTA V until 21st May 2020. The online store Epic Games has launched a free distribution of the popular and always relevant criminal action movie GTA V. Users can pick up the Premium Edition which includes the game, in-game currency, and bonuses for GTA Online.

GTA V is an open-world action game with a 30-40-hour storytelling campaign dedicated to three main characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. The trio is trying to get rich by making daring robberies. The whirlpool of crime drags them deeper and deeper; Michael’s family and crazy Trevor have a common past which the first would like not to remember.

The developers from Rockstar Games have implemented a large map with a fictional state of San Andreas where you can freely move on different types of transport. The players are free to organize shootings with dozens of different guns and shelters during the game. There are also plenty of additional activities in the project such as racing, flying school, and collecting collectibles.

If you already have GTA V you can read our article about 25 interesting mods for GTA V.

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