Tech Demo the Matrix Awakening

Epic Games has announced The Matrix Awakens for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X, but it’s not a full-fledged game, it’s a free cinematic tech demo based on the upcoming movie. It will feature Keanu Reeves and other actors.

Director Lana Wachowski took part in the development. The project is intended to demonstrate the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. The company released a short teaser trailer for the upcoming tech demo version of The Matrix Awakening.

The full demonstration will take place on December 10 at The Games Awards. The event will be held for the first time in the metaverse format. Visitors will be able not only to watch the show live but also to take part in mini-games, walk the red carpet and attend a party with a guest DJ after the main program.

The demo can already be preloaded on the console. The voice acting is English but there are Russian subtitles.

If someone doesn’t know, in August 2020 there was a trial between Epic Games and Apple. The conflict began after Epic added to Fortnite the ability to buy in-game currency bypassing the App Store. In response, the marketplace removed the popular game from its store. And now the court will decide how legitimate Tim Cook`s monopoly in the field of applications and payment systems on iOS is.

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