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F1 2020 is a new part of the popular racing simulator series. The game will delight fans with the new mode “My Team”, in which you can adjust the length of the season and enjoy all tracks including the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and Grand Prix of Vietnam. The developers have returned the split-screen mode for playing with friends on the same monitor.

The Formula 1 World Championship is one of the most popular car racing championships in the world. It can compete with the series Indy, NASCAR, which are popular in America, as well as WEC, the championship of endurance racing. Naturally, each popular championship to maintain the interest of the audience should have someplace in the gaming industry, in particular casual games or simulators, which form the basis of virtual motorsport.

Codemasters’ Formula 1 series has become the main one of many in the gaming industry. They have been producing a simulator for every real season of the championship for several years. Developments began to add a series of “Formula 2” in the games for Formula 1. In this way, they support two main racing series.

Sports simulators are updated every year and therefore not everyone likes to buy a new version of the game. But this is the manner of “Formula 1” from Codemasters. But players have no choice because the release of a new part is always associated with license rights and technical features. Special thanks to the developers that each new version of the game becomes better, updated, and filled with new functionality. And, of course, the annual virtual championship based on the simulator.

My Team

formula one my team

“My team” will be the biggest innovation in the new part. The player will be able to create his own team in a separate mode. You will be able to manage your finances, contracts, infrastructure, and logo.

Before the season starts, you will have to do the following:

  • Choose your team’s main sponsor.
  • Select the engine manufacturer for the team (Mercedes, Ferrari, Honda, or Renault).
  • Hire a teammate as a pilot.
  • Choose a livery
  • Select the team logo
  • Choose a jumpsuit design
  • Choose other design elements specific to your team.

You will have to answer Will Baxton’s questions in “My Team” mode about the championship, the car, the team, and much more. The answers will affect the characteristics of your car (suspension, engine, aerodynamics, etc.). Before the start of the season, you will be able to see a virtual presentation of your car.

You will also have a calendar in the form of a timescale, where you can manage your team up to the manager. Virtual travel will start in the off-season. You will have to plan the development of the car and team, train the pilot-partner, and much more. The main currency is time. Your main task will be to distribute it between events to have a successful season.

formula one car

The menu for managing the development and support departments of the car will be slightly changed.

Players will see the changes in career mode. It will consist of 10 seasons. There will be a choice of season duration (22 races, 16 or 10). When selecting the length of the season, the player will be able to select a list of tracks on which he will compete.

New tracks have appeared in the calendar of the real Formula 1 championship – Hanoi and Zandvoort (Grand Prix of Vietnam and Grand Prix of Netherlands respectively). Naturally, these tracks will also appear in the game itself.

Hanoi (Vietnam Grand Prix) is the track that has the longest straight line of the season. Before some turns, the markers are placed a bit illogical. For example, when they are more easily seen on the right, they are located on the left. The new track is a mix of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan and Russia. There is enough space for overtaking, and the price of error in some corners is very high.

Zandvoort (Dutch Grand Prix) – reworked track Zandvoort especially for “Formula 1”. The track left its former appeal; however, some sections were extended, including safety zones, new asphalt was laid along the entire length of the track, slightly modified angles at some corners. In general, the track has become faster than its previous version and we would like other simulators to update Zandvoort too.

formula one race

In the research tree, the engine will get new kinds of improvements that you have to discover. New mechanics will also be added to improve the machine parts. You can choose to design the part quickly or improve it, but in this case, you will have a 20%-45% chance of failure.

Also, in quarry mode, the terms of contracts will be changed. You will have to fulfill the conditions that the team has written in the contract, and you will also have access to individual conditions.

The F1 2020 will offer a simple and standard racing mode. The simple mode is designed for those who want to enjoy the game and do not have to engage in the painstaking study of the tracks and the mechanic. Players will receive fewer penalties for cutting the track. The car settings menu will be simplified, and artificial intelligence will help in management.

The standard mode, which will be more complex than the easy one, will get new functions. There will be an option to automatically control fuel consumption in the race.

A new ERS mechanic will be added. In order to expand the functionality of this mechanic, you should press the “Overtaking” button. The charge accumulates when braking as before. The pilot of Formula 1 Lando Norris offered to add the possibility of deflecting this mechanic, but in the preliminary version of this feature was not available.

formula one pov

Deluxe Schumacher Edition was released on July 7th and Seventy Edition will be available tomorrow. More customization will be available in Deluxe Schumacher Edition (overalls, helmet, victory celebration). Also new classic cars Benetton B194 (1994), Benetton B195 (1995), Jordan 191 (1991) Ferrari F1 2000. The Seventy Edition will be released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Formula 1 championship and will delight players with additional customization.

All new players and devoted fans will be waiting for a good product, which will not only have pleasant gameplay but also compete at a fairly high level. Tomorrow you will be able to try two official championships. We are waiting for the release to enjoy and see all the innovations that are waiting for us in the F1 series.

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