How big is the video gaming industry?

Now you can play a video game on a personal computer, game console, or even your mobile phone. Depending on the platform you choose, video games divide into computer and console games. But, in recent years, the progress of social media, together with smartphones, and tablets has led to new categories such as mobile and social games. The very first game arrived in the 1970s. And the modern world of video games offers realistic graphics and simulates reality. The global public of gamers on all platforms outreaches 2 billion people. This means every fourth person on Earth plays video games. And this number is constantly growing.

What is the future of the gaming industry?

According to statistics, by 2025 year, it is expected that the gaming industry will have a value of about 300 billion dollars. This means that technological progress is the main driving power that will bring gaming to the next level in the near future. Here are some of the new developments:

What technology enabled the evolution of the first video games?

In 1939, Edward Condon, an American physicist, firstly thought that the same schemes that allow the counter to calibrate the indicators could instruct the computer to play. Namely, to calculate the options and choose the most winning one. The essence of the game was simple: the number of objects is laid out in stacks on the playing field, the players take turns taking objects, the one who gets the last item loses. As a result, the world’s first computer game, Nimatron appeared. Interestingly, it took the computer a few seconds to make a retaliatory move, but no matter how much a person calculated the strategy, he constantly lost. Condon even had to add slowing circuits to the microcircuits, thanks to them, it was creating the feeling that the computer was thinking about the next move.

Why was the first computer game invented?

Many people ask: why did the very first video game was invented? There are many answers to this question exist, but one of the most important reasons was the desire to please and entertain people. The founders wanted to show that science is not just about war and destruction. Could people have imagined that on that day it was launched a revolutionary movement? Progress did not stand still, and from that point on, the video game industry has evolved, gradually gaining momentum. And finally, the entertainment industry developed as we know it today. According to data in 2017, only in the United States, the gaming industry produced 36 billion dollars. And this is still only a part of the global profit that video games bring.

How to prevent addiction to computer games?

How to prevent child addiction to computer games?

  1. Firstly, introduce the child to the temporary regulations.
  2. Control the various activities of your child.
  3. It is necessary to involve the child in household responsibilities.
  4. It is necessary to communicate with the child, as well as to be aware of all the problems and conflicts that worry him.
  5. Teach your child the rules of communication.
  6. It is necessary to teach your child how to relieve emotional stress, get out of stressful situations.
  7. Regularly censor computer games and programs.
  8. You can introduce your child to board games.
  9. Do not let your child go online uncontrollably. Set a ban on logging into the computer.
  10. Remember that parents are role models for a child. Therefore, the parents should not break the rules that they have established for the child. Also, try to analyze yourself. Maybe you are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, television.

How to quickly check if your computer can run a PC game?

With the “Can You RUN it” online test, you can find out if your PC or laptop can handle new toys. The utility checks the processor, video card and device memory.

To start the test, go to systemrequirementslab.com and enter the name of the game in the “Search for a game” text box. Now you can choose one of two options: download the program, or just find out the system requirements of the game. After that, a page opens with the minimum and recommended system requirements for the game.

After checking, the program will show the results at the bottom of the page, where you will find the “Minimum Settings” and “Recommended Settings” tabs. On the “Recommended Settings” tab, the utility will show if your computer meets the system requirements. In the item “Video card” you will also find the relevant information.

What is cloud gaming technology 2.0?

This can be called a type of platform on which online content (internal content of a site or application) is created by the users themselves. Most of the content is created and managed by the users themselves. They are controlled by interactive tools rather than publishing tools. The participants themselves generate content for free, manage it and promote the resource, increasing its attendance. The resources do not depend on the creativity of one person, they produce the creativity of many participants, each of whom expresses himself through texts, poems, images, answers to questions, humor, emoticons, etc.

What was the first video game system to use DVD technology?

The PlayStation 2, which was the first console to use DVD, ran counter to the Sega Dreamcast (released in 1999), the Nintendo Gamecube (2001), and the Microsoft Xbox (2001). It can be used both for games, viewing digital photos, and playing digital video and audio. This is a sixth generation game console that impresses with its performance and great graphics.

Which console is better for online gaming?

PS4 is a versatile console with many cool features and a large library of exclusives. If you’re looking for an expansive gaming experience, you’ll find a lot to love with the PS4, as well as gaining a performance edge with most third-party games.

The PS4 Pro has tapped into its full potential since its release, offering benefits, among which the 4K expansion is the foremost. It’s the perfect solution if you’re ready to invest in a trendy new peripheral.

The Xbox One is also a great option. The console boasts blockbusters. As Phil Spencer gained near-full control over the console brand, many noticed a shift in emphasis towards gaming, despite the fact that famous exclusives such as Scalebound were canceled.

Does best buy take old game consoles?

PC is now the main gaming platform for many, and PS2, PS3, Vita, 3DS and SNES are for exclusives. Some people are starting to think about buying old digital and disk consoles for what is on the PC, but it no longer works on it. Because it will work on consoles regardless of the presence of the Internet, steam status and other services. Naturally, this does not apply to FPS, but all sorts of adventure games, RPGs, and so on are quite good.

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