Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs

A game in which everything is on the level. And graphics in real 4K, and content fatter than black gold – Far Cry 5. Prepare your happy face for the person who found all the Easter eggs in the game. Films, games, books, serials take on the strangest forms in this world of madmen. Statistics show that the larger the game, the more secrets and Easter eggs are hidden by the developer. But what if you tried to collect Far Cry 5 secrets and Easter eggs in one article?

Far Cry 5 All Easter Eggs Locations and Secret Missions

Easter Eggs Locations and Secret Missions

Blood Dragon Eggs

Purple Dragon Eggs are intended for the filming of the film “Blood Dragon 3” by the world-famous director Guy Marvel. Guess for yourself who this is a parody. But the Far Cry 5 Easter eggs and the title of the film are quite transparent, referring to the controversial addition to Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Look for green screens by the Henbein River in the Grimalkin Mine and the related quest.

Special Ending

One of the most interesting Far Cry 5 hidden missions. Those who have played in the fourth part of the series will probably remember the famous 10-minute walkthrough. Far Cry 4 could indeed be completed in 10 minutes, and the players liked this trick so much that the developers from Ubisoft decided to repeat it in the fifth part. Here’s a detailed explanation of how to unlock the Far Cry 5 secret ending. Spoiler alert! And although no, it doesn’t smell like spoilers!

After the initial cut scene of the game, the deputy sheriff, along with his colleagues, will be in the church of the “Gate of Eden” sect. Inside, the police delegation will be awaited by Joseph Sid, aka Father, the leader of the organization. Despite the numerical and weapons superiority of the “Edens”, the Father won’t resist arrest. On the contrary, he will reach out his hands to the player so that he can handcuff him.

And then the most interesting thing: an illuminated button will appear, with which you can captivate Sid, but this isn’t at all necessary. At first glance, it seems that the game is just dutifully waiting for the player to do what the authors intended, but after a few minutes of waiting, Sheriff Whitehorse will understand that in case of arrest, none of his charges will get out of Hope County alive.

He lowers Joseph Sid’s hands and walks towards the exit. The district marshall at first resists and even threatens to arrest the sheriff himself and his assistant, the protagonist, but he answers “So be it” and goes out through the doors of the church into the darkness. After a short pause, the credits of the game follow, so everything that happened can be considered the ending of the game.

Developers Joke About Towers

Developers Joke About Towers

Of all the Far Cry 5 funny secrets, this is exactly what you should know for sure! Apparently, not only the players are tired of the endless towers in the games from Ubisoft. The developers decided not only to remove them from the game to get rid of criticism, but also made fun of themselves. This isn’t quite an Easter egg, and it is rather difficult to call a joke a secret because anyone who devotes at least an hour of playing time to the game will stumble upon it.

During the tutorial on Dutch Island, immediately after the opening scene, the player travels to the radio tower to help one of the locals make connections with other areas of Hope County. The tower is high enough for the player to surely remember and curse the ill-fated industrial mountaineering from the past. Indeed, not the best moment of the game.

And then the funniest thing happens: the character turns to the assistant and reassures him that he will no longer force him to climb the damn towers. Tellingly, this turns out to be pure truth, because, until the very end, the player no longer makes ascents to radio towers.

Red Balloon

It seems that the French developers from the Montreal division of Ubisoft liked the remake of the film “It”, based on the book of the same name by Stephen King. How else to explain the reference directly related to the clown Pennywise – the main antagonist of the motion picture, which can be found in the game? Therefore, we will classify this place as one of the most interesting Far Cry 5 secret locations.

If you wander around the neighborhood between the locations “Church of the Lamb of God” and “Falls End”, you can find a short sewer tunnel. It is far from the only one in Hope County, but it is unique in that a red ball is tied near one of the entrances. Those who have read or watched “It” are well aware of the connection between sewers and balls.

Hope County Cave Paintings

Hope County Cave Paintings

Heading directly southwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in the Holland Valley, John Seed’s home, you can stumble across Frobisher; s Cave. In addition to the strange name, it has a much more interesting feature – rock art. Obviously, this isn’t only an example of ancient art, but also a reference.

For what? Far Cry Primal, the official spin-off game from Ubisoft, of course. There are no modern weapons in it, only spears and stones, because the setting in the game is prehistoric. Apparently, the deeds of the protagonist Primal were imprinted in stone and even survived to this day so that the sheriff’s deputy could find them and, of course, take a screenshot.

Aliens and Their Weapons

After careful research of the weapon store, some users came across a mention of a certain weapon with a strange name, “Magnopulser”, which is in a special category. As it turned out, this isn’t just a joke from the developers, but a reward for a special task that can be found in the region of John Cid.

But before you get the Magnopulser, you need to go to Parker’s laboratory to the character Larry, which is west of Falls End. Larry himself will find himself in a cunning trap, which he himself made, but after being rescued, he will tell that humanity isn’t alone in the universe and will offer the assistant a couple of tasks.

Compromising Evidence on Donald Trump

Those who have followed the US election race probably know that Donald Trump had the most support in small provinces. Such as Hope County, where ordinary people live and true patriots in the classical sense. Perhaps that is why the game contains a direct reference to the compromising material that all opponents of the incumbent president, without exception, dreamed of getting.

In the side quest “Patriot Acts”, the protagonist of the game meets special agent Willis Huntley, who, incidentally, appeared in both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 with similar requests. He asks to get some kind of cassette that “big people” need. The cassette allegedly contains very important information, and it is connected with the Russians and a certain “liquid”.
We’re sure you were curious about some Far Cry 5 secrets. We highly recommend trying them out as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Surely they will love it too!

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