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At first glance, The Forest may seem like a typical survival game (in the 90s of the last century, they were mass-produced by different developers), without a plot and well-defined conditions to ensure a successful ending. However, starting the passage of The Forest, the gamer would change his mind. From the first minutes he’ll be involved in a fairly adult, dramatic story. In order to survive and complete the main mission, thereby completing the game, we have prepared The Forest guide for you.

Construction Basics

After you have started the Forest walkthrough – press B and a survival guide would open, where the first nine tabs are responsible for construction. After selecting the desired structure, click on it and select where you want to put it. Construction works as follows: you extract resources, bring them to the structure and add with the E button until it is built.

For a hunting hideout, you’ll need logs, sticks, and leaves. For logs, cut down trees. If you can’t knock the tree down, wield the ax on the other side. For sticks, bushes with a thin trunk or totems are needed. Leaves are obtained by chopping bushes with an ax.

When you build a shelter, you can start saving and resting in it. Try to postpone sleep until it is completely dark to wake up during the daytime when it is easier to explore the area.

How to Get a Map

How to survive in The Forest game? For successful survival, it is worth getting a card, it is located in a cave in the central village of the aborigines. Getting there blindly is tricky, but there is one extremely easy way! You must meet some aborigines and let them kill you. Instead of dying, your character can be taken to a cave with a map. It also has many other useful things. Most importantly, do not go too deep, as you can run into other aborigines and mutants. Better to immediately find the cable to the exit from the cave. It is located not far from your place of imprisonment. By the way, when you get out – explore the Aboriginal village. You can find a bunch of useful items in it.

How to Find Weapons

the forest beginner guide

Consider in our The Forest starting guide where to get weapons and what they are. There is an entire chapter devoted to weapons in the survival guide. So in the game, they call all objects that can kill (traps do not count). The character needs weapons, mainly for protection – he has enough enemies.

Among the weapon items, some can be used as a construction tool or a tool that allows you to get food. For example, using axes to cut down a tree and collect logs. The spear can be used as a harpoon, and from a bow not only shoot but can be used as a rocket launcher or even an extreme source of light.

For ranged combat, the following can be used:

  • homemade bows and arrows, as well as their modern counterparts;
  • spears and pistols (signal and flint);
  • crossbow.

In addition to the above items, throwing weapons and ammunition are provided at the disposal of the main character. This long list contains a variety of gadgets, from Molotov cocktails and sticky bombs to all kinds of arrows, bullets, and stones.

The Forest game strategy is that most of the weapons are updated frequently, increasing damage and action speed. Together with this, the firepower of the guns is increased. As alternative elements of protection, the gamer can use various improvised items, for example, skulls, bones, and limbs of killed creatures.

Crafting Items

Game craft is usually called the process of creating the necessary items collected from the components found by the hero in the forest. For example, to get a new item by combining several existing or found items, you need to select the desired parts with the right mouse button.

The process of forming a new item begins in the center of the inventory window. If the choice of the gamer was correct and the components were selected correctly, a sign resembling a gear would appear on the monitor. This icon indicates that the process of forming a new game element has begun.

Continuing our The Forest beginner guide, we want to say that to craft something, you must go into your inventory (button I). Then select any item – if it has a ‘Combine” button – you can make something out of it. Click on it, after which the item would appear in the crafting window. Hover your mouse over the gear showing what else is needed and add the missing pieces and click the make button.

As the gamer progresses in the game, he’ll be shown lists of things that he can collect from certain elements. Collected items can be stored together with the rest of the inventory (sending to the storage is done with the right mouse button) or used as intended.

Vault Building Basics

the forest tutorial

From the survival guide, the participant would gain information regarding not only the resources suitable for the construction and all structures of the fictional world but also the shelters. The book is one of the main game details and consists of two main sections, after carefully studying which, the gamer would significantly speed up his passage of the game “Forest”.

We would like to mention in The Forest tutorial that after building a shelter, the character gets the opportunity to save the game by pressing the “C” key.

The simplest type of shelter is temporary shelter. This small and fragile structure can be built anywhere on the board where you can get leaves and sticks. It won’t save you from enemies, but it’ll allow the hero who has moved away from home to while away the night and save all the actions he has done. You can use this type of shelter only once.

More serious types of protection include a hunting shelter. The structure won’t provide the character with comfort, but here you can not be afraid of cannibals.

The largest and most reliable are a wooden blockhouse on piles, as well as houses on the ground and a tree:

  • a house on the ground would provide the gamer with absolute protection. The only con of the shelter is that it is difficult to build.
  • a house built on the ground must be fitted with retractable panels to obstruct the entrance, otherwise, it’ll become accessible to cannibals.
  • building a treehouse is the safest way to hide from night intruders. To get inside, the hero needs a strong rope.

There are also floating shelters or houses on the water in the game. They are built on land and then pushed into the water. The only drawback of such a shelter is that its owner can become prey for sharks.

How to Get Food and Water?

Food is obtained through lost supplies and hunting animals and aborigines. Hunting is not easy, especially if your character is extremely hungry. But it was not in vain that we talked about turtles. The fact is that they are very slow, and in fact, you just need to go to the containers and kill a couple. In addition, the shell, which is necessary for the creation of water reservoirs, falls out of them.

The Forest beginner tips: put the shells, at the same time, several at once! No less than three pieces. The fact is that they would be replenished from rains, and this event can occur quite rarely. Several collectors would provide you with a supply of water until the next rains, which means that the food in your inventory can be used less often to quench your thirst.

But if you have severe problems with water, you can break totems, from which alcohol can drop out with some probability. More food can be found in suitcases scattered throughout the island and in Aboriginal villages.

You can also drink water in small bodies of water. On the sea and the big lake in the center is not allowed. Just go to the pond, and when they drink icon appears – press E. But note that the water is dirty and you’ll be poisoned, although this is not fatal. If you find a saucepan, you can fill it with water, which can be boiled over a fire. To fill the pot, go to the pond and when the icon appears, press C.


Let’s talk a little about The Forest help with a hunt. You can get meat and skins from it. A good starting point for hunting is javelin throwing, which is easy to make with two sticks. But hitting a target is not so easy, especially one such as hares or lizards.

To aim correctly, your target should be slight to the right and above your index finger. Try to practice javelin throwing – soon you can often hit even small animals.

When you fry the meat, wait for it to cook. If you overcook the meat, then it’ll weakly satisfy your hunger. It usually takes about 30–40 seconds to cook.

The blog authors advise you to be patient to complete The Forest, as it requires survival skills and is not easy. Thanks to our The Forest how to play guide, you learned the basics of survival, which can help you and won’t let you die of hunger, thirst, or the hands of evil natives.

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