Fortnite Store Update

The Fortnite store is awaiting an update with cool skins and cosmetic accessories for the Dune characters. Lately, Fortnite has collaborated with Marvel, Street Fighter, and even Tomb Raider.

This time, the collaboration happened with Epic Games, they created unique items and skins that Fortnite players will soon see. New items would come from the science fiction film “Dune”, which many expect to premiere on October 22.

What exactly from “Dune” would be added in the next update? Fortnite lovers will be able to purchase in-game a set of skins of Paul Atreides and Chani, as well as the Chani Bag and Frame Paket backpacks, the Sand Walk emote, the Ornithopter hang glider, the SandWorm screen, the Twin Blades and Giver’s Hooks. Chani and Paul Atreides’ skins are incredibly harmonious, making them ideal for players who prefer a minimalistic look in the game.

There is no exact date for the replenishment of the Fortnite store, but users expect it to happen soon, as the release of the movie “Dune” approaches.

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