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The Battle Royal genre became the most popular over the last couple of years. Fortnite is rapidly developing and attracts players to its universe in every way. This popularity has created great competition among the players. To feel the dominance over other players, you need to know the basic and necessary mechanics of the game. We have collected the most necessary Forntine tips for you to achieve the glory of the royal battle.

In this article, you will find effective tips that will improve your skills, the best locations to start, and the most reliable weapons.

Do Not Make Too Much Noise

Keeping quiet is one of the most important Fortnite tips. When your opponent hears you, he has an advantage. This means that you have to keep the movement noise to a minimum. You create more noise when you run than when you walk or sit. Never mine resources if you’re not sure that the terrain is safe. The enemy may hear you when you change an object in your hand.

Play with Headphones

play with headphones

As we said earlier, knowing the location of your opponents is half of the success in the royal battle. Use your headphones during the game and be on the lookout. The presence of headphones is a matter of life and death, so be sure to remember that the game in headphones is an advantage over those who do not use them.

Always Feel the Danger

Always feel the danger

Always be alert and assume that somebody is waiting for an attack with a pump crusher in the hope of making -200 hp with one shot. However, implementing such an idea will be difficult against a careful player. If you notice any noise, then it is better to wait and find the best moment. Remember that the winner is the one who is left alone on the battlefield and not the one who will do a lot of killing.

Fortnite is a test of agility and shooting. When you enter a new circle, other players also tend to get there and survive. The map seems to be big, but it is not really large. When you’re in a shootout with someone, the other players are in a hurry to get close to you and strike. Always cover your flanks and engage in battle with those players who pose an immediate threat.

Zone Circle Is the Most Important Thing

Keep track of the zone circle is one of the most important Fortnite tips. You should always pay attention to where the circle is and how it will be decreased. If you find that you are far from the circle, then your main task is to get there. Do not engage in battle, when the circle is approaching you. It is never worth it. If you kill someone, it will give you a sense of superiority, but it is not worth anything when you are dead. Go past the fight if you see that the circle is shrinking.

Potions Are Important: Drink Them as Fast as You Can

Protective potions are very important in the game. As soon as you find them, try to use them at the same time. This gives you an advantage that will help you become a winner. Especially if you land with other players in the same location. If there are no enemies around you, do not rush to use the small potions because near you can find a large can, which will get the desired 200 HP.

Attack Only If Necessary and When You Are Sure That You Will Win

attack necessary

As we said before, the main key to victory is survival, not murder. You can kill 98 players and still lose. You must always remember this.

Before a fight, always assess whether you need to attack the enemy. Of course, the whole point is to get the loot from another player, which can strengthen you to the final stage of the game. Every time you start a fight, the enemies near you know about your location.

Do Not Hurry to Take the Loot from the Enemy

After killing the enemy, there is a desire to immediately take his loot. You must work on it. Look around before you get closer to the loot. When you are in a fight with another player, the enemy is likely watching you and waiting for the right moment to strike a fatal blow. When you take the loot, build a defensive force around yourself to prevent the enemy from killing you easily. This is also very important in those moments when you want to restore your health.

Most Buildings Can Be Destroyed – Always Think about Your Escape Plan

fortnite escape plan

Almost all constructions in Fortnite can be broken. So, when you feel that something is going wrong, think over a departure plan. You should always keep in mind a safe and affordable way to escape.

Bazooka and grenades are excellent resources to break enemy buildings and find enemies in places where they can hide. Here’s the basic advice we want to give you: if you find that the enemy is hiding somewhere, try to lure them out of there.

Do Not Forget to Be on the Top

Construction is a very important aspect of the game. One of the most important advantages of the game is to be on top of other players. When you see the whole area from the tower with a good long-range weapon your chance to win increases. If you are not in the zone of the circle with your construction, then move to the zone as early as possible to take a good position in the new battle conditions.

Keep Track of the Number of Resources

One of the many important Fortnite tips is to keep track of the number of your resources for construction. Many players think that metal is the best construction material, but it is not. It is much longer than mine, and players can easily break it when you just put it. It is best to use wood for movement and aggressive construction. Wood is easier to get.

Better use brick and metal to build a shelter, especially in the final stage of the game. In the end, the zone is limited, so you will be looking for an opportunity to gain a foothold in one place than to run somewhere. When you have a good position, this is the best time to attack the approaching players.

Weapon Tip

weapon tip

The priority is to look for a good long-range combat weapon. Most often you will have to act at a distance from your enemies. Of course, it is good to have a good close combat weapon in your arsenal, so you can act universally in different situations.

Location Tip

Choosing a landing place is another important point in the game. As soon as you get off the bus, try to fly to a place where there will be less concentration of enemies and try to be closer to the center, so you do not have to run long to the zone. To be on the location first, try to lower the height to the maximum down at a distance of one square from your chosen area.

We hope that our Fortnite tips and tricks will help you win more often and improve your skills in the game. Good luck on the battlefield.

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