As everyone knows, now there are a lot of different toys for PC and consoles. And only a few of them are fascinating. There are times when you cannot take all the equipment with you to another place, but you still want to play. In this case, you should install shooting games for iPhone or Android to continue playing and relaxing in any place convenient for you.

We will show you a free shooting game for Android, as well as for iPhone owners. These games will be able to immerse you in a separate reality, help you escape from your daily routine, and just have a good evening.

Free shooting games for Android: list of the best

Let’s first take a look at the best Android shooting games that really deserve your attention. Here are some great free options:

Dead Effect 2

best android shooting games

This is quite an interesting game that is similar to the mobile version of Dead Space. Here, all the action also takes place in outer space and the station, which was captured by alien zombies. The main task for players is to get out of this confinement and attack all opponents. There are many types of hero equipment and over 40 types of weapons, which further enhances the gameplay. And even if it isn’t convenient for you to control the game from your phone, you can easily connect a wireless controller to the game and continue playing. This game deserves to be the first in our top sniping games for Android.


iphone shooting games

Do you like to compete with other players or friends? Then this game is for you. Immediately after loading, you will see a great realization and beautiful design of the game, which immerses you in a special gaming atmosphere. Although this game is for smartphones, it has the same high level as on a regular PC. The game contains many interesting modes, various maps.

For victories, you will receive rewards, and for the game money received, you can improve your skins and much more. It is interesting to know that it is one of the few Android shooting games where you can contact the developers to share your impressions, or to give advice on how to tweak the game to improve it. They usually respond within a few days, and they may also notice your comment and make corrections to the game in the next update.

Call of Duty: Mobile

android shooting games

We all know and play this game. It was only available to play on console and PC for many years. But the developers decided to expand this cool franchise and play it for gamers even from the phone. Along with accessing the game on a smartphone, they also left the opportunity to play online with other players and friends, which is necessary for almost every modern shooting game for Android.

Here you play in the first person, fight with opponents and go through different types of cards. Plus, you can play different game modes and even change characters.

NOVA Legacy

best free shooting games for iphone

Remember this cool game? A lot of players consider this game not only the best shooting game for Android but also the best game of all games in principle. And she really deserves it! The developers, after several years of lull, decided to revive the game and open up the possibility for players to play it from their smartphones. Here you get updated crisp graphics, a great soundtrack, and vastly improved dynamics. Also, various game modes have been added here, which increases the number of possibilities in this game. One of them is the multiplayer ability to play alongside other players.

Best Free Shooting Games for iPhone

best shooting game for android

Standoff 2

The legendary game for personal computers has now opened up the possibility of playing it from a mobile phone. The developers decided to expand the capabilities of the game so that players can download it for free. Here you will find expanded opportunities, such as updated and new interesting maps, a variety of weapons. In addition, you can play in different game modes, where you will deal with teams of terrorists and fight at a higher level. It is thanks to these new features that this game can be considered one of the best free shooting games for the iPhone.

GTA: Vice City

free shooting games for android

This game can definitely be attributed to the most exciting iPhone FPS games, as well as for playing via PC. Here you are immersed in the atmosphere of the 80s of America. Massive cars, bright signs that illuminate all the streets, clothes, and street crime will show you even more what happened in these years.

You also have to play the role of Tommy Verchetti, where you have to find traitors and get rid of them in order to return the stolen money from his family. In addition to the Vice City version, you can download other versions of the game to further diversify your leisure time.


best shooting games for iphone

Agree, this is definitely a good of the iPhone shooting games that immerses you in a special magical atmosphere immediately after loading. Here, up to 100 people gather on the maps, after which a real royal battle takes place to the last. The goal is to stay alive on your own, or with your squad, receiving rewards and bonuses as a result. In addition, during the game, you can collect other resources such as wood, stone, and metal. Then you can use them to build various buildings.

Sniper Fury

free shooting games for iphone

This game adequately closes our selection of shooters for smartphones. From the moment you download the game, you will get used to the role of a sniper, where you will remove various enemies from your path wherever they can be. You get a lot of different tasks in different game modes. You can remove certain enemies, protect a special person, and much more. After completing tasks, you will receive rewards and other resources for which you can buy new weapons for yourself, or improve old ones.

Also, due to the excellent graphics and details, the game looks as realistic as possible. Thanks to these features and features, this game will be one of the best FPS games for the iPhone, which will be able to provide a great pastime and a good mood.

Thank you for reading the article to the end! Now you will know exactly and have a list of the best shooting games for iPhone and Android. Subscribe to be the first to know about new interesting games and other useful features.

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