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Epic Games has obtained TGP, the mother corporation of Fall Guys makers – Mediatonic. The cooperative also contains the publisher Irregular Corporation and a different studio, known as Fortitude Games.

Tonic Games Group co-founder and prime games director Paul Croft stated that the combination of their powers together with Epic Games will make everything only better! All the team is happy about such news. What will happen with the game Fall Guys – it is another question.

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Is This the End of Fall Guys?

The game features won’t be changed or replaced – this was announced by Epic Games. The company intends to keep funding in the run platformer battle royale to make the game even better!

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Where Can You Play?

Steam, PS4/PS5. It’s one of the most popular cross-platformers ever made! According to the words of developers, the game will come out on Nintendo Switch and Xbox in a few months.

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