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During development, game authors regularly make mistakes that generate bugs. Some of them do not interfere with the gameplay and may not get caught by the player’s eye at all. And some of them come out in the foreground and become quite famous on the Internet. Moreover, certain defects look very unusual, and in general, it is not clear how they could arise in the game.

In this article, we decided to collect the biggest video game glitches that look quite unusual and will cause a smile.

Sprained Man (Battlefield 3)

funny glitches

The third part of Battlefield 3 can be called one of the best in the franchise because the colossal popularity of the series began from this part. The large-scale multiplayer battles on the cards, which can accommodate up to 64 people, and fascinating gameplay, are astonishing.

But since Battlefield 3 is an enormous and large-scale project on which hundreds of people worked, it is not surprising that there are bugs in it. And one of the most strange and famous is the stretched man. Running through the expanses of battles, the gamer could notice that some of his teammates turned into Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.

Strange Player Encounters (FIFA)

hilarious glitches

A series of soccer simulators FIFA has long pleased fans with the funniest video game glitches. Most of them are associated with unnatural collisions of players during matches. When two soccer players hit each other in the pursuit of the ball, and it can look strange.

Also, team opponents can grab players by hands and clothes, pulling them into unnatural poses. Moreover, during a bad roll, players can fall on each other and stick together in this state without being able to get out.

And sometimes the bodies of model players may break. For example, the legs can bend to the stomach, and the player will hang in the air and run on the field as nothing had happened.

Lost Face (Assassin’s Creed Unity)

best video game glitches

Players remembered the part of the franchise with the subtitle Unity as a project with a lot of bugs and funny glitches. And the most strange and unusual was the one where the face of the protagonist disappears. In his place, in the literal sense, there is a void and only eyes with teeth hanging in the air.

Watching this bug is especially funny during the cat scene when the characters communicate with the protagonist without paying any attention to his appearance. Such screensavers look funny, but gamers only have to guess how exactly such a bug could have leaked in the game.

Walking Unknown Object (Fallout New Vegas)

best game glitches

When passing Fallout New Vegas, the player may encounter the presence of a rather strange red-and-white object on the location. Approaching it, the player will notice that it is not a foreign object at all, but something similar to a person who has changed externally after certain circumstances.

This dummy standstill, and if you shoot at it, the parts will fall off and fall to the ground. Where such unusual characters appear on the locations, it remains only to guess. But it is very rare.

Flying People (Red Dead Redemption)

funniest video game glitches

In the second part, gamers have already managed to identify a few hilarious glitches that flew the entire Internet. But in Red Dead Redemption, there are also many shortcomings. Pretty unusual is a bug with flying people. Traveling in the Wild West, the player may notice that real people are flying in the air.

Someone mistakenly mixed up the models of birds and people, adding the flight animation last. After all, if you look closely, you can see that these NPCs are waving their hands like wings. There is the same bug with horses when the main character can jump on the back of an NPC, and he will ride on the ground with great speed.

Shaun! (Heavy Rain)

hilarious game glitches

This game is one of the founders of interactive cinema. Many liked her story and remembered a lot of bright objects. One of these is the cat scene, where the protagonist is trying to bring the child to life. At this moment, he shouts the name Shaun, and at this moment, a rather unusual bug may happen.

The sound file may stick, and the protagonist will scream the name “Shaun” for the duration of the action. And during all the screams, the protagonist will open his mouth and depict the scream. Because of this, further action looks very strange.

Imagine, during the next screen saver, characters are talking on a certain topic, and the main character stands next to them and regularly shouts “Shaun!”. It looks strange. This bug became one of the most hilarious game glitches.

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