Even before the release, gamers have high hopes for some games. Players can be caught by a bright trailer, developers’ stories, setting, and many other factors that make them look forward to the project’s release. But not always their expectations are justified. The authors may not be able to lengthen their ambitions and realize all their ideas. Because of this, the game is sometimes frankly bad and can not hold any criticism. In the end, gamers are only frustrated to fantasize about what a cool project they would get into their hands if their expectations were met.

And in this article, we decided to collect the games, on which we had high expectations, but in the end, they turned out to be bad and most disappointing games.


E.T. game

He immediately became one of the best in the genre of fiction after the premiere of the film “Alien” in 1982. And already at that time, some developers were trying to get profit from it.

A few months later, the release for Atari consoles was out. Gamers immediately started to buy copies from the shelves. Unfortunately, at that time it wasn’t possible to see the gameplay videos on YouTube, so people bought a cat in a poke.

And when they finally launched the project, it turned out to be of very low quality. The game had terrible by the standards of graphics, and the gameplay itself was not like what is happening in the movie. Controlling the alien, players had to run on locations from enemies and collect items. In this case, all this was implemented very badly.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9

Despite the fact that Mega Man games are not in top sales for a long time, the franchise has a significant fan base. Because of this, when the collection on Kickstarter for the Mighty No. 9 projects started, gamers collected about 3.6 million dollars for the developers. It is not surprising, because this game was supposed to be the heir apparent to the Mega Man franchise.

The similar main character to Mega Man, close-up gameplay – all this gave the fans of the franchise a hope that they will finally get the excellent game, created on the modern technologies. But when Mighty No. 9 was released in 2016, it turned out that the game doesn’t have the best optimization, the plot is mediocre, and it is not very interesting to play. As a result, with high expectations, the gamers got a frankly terrible project.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines

This project appeared even before Isolation, so there were no modern quality games in the universe of Aliens at that time. Because of this, franchise fans had only to play the outdated series Predator vs Alien and hope that Colonial Marines will be a good game.

The company Sega conducted a large-scale PR campaign, so the players had the highest expectations. After all, they were promised a toothbrush shooter, in which they will have to fight against xenomorphs. In general, the developers assured that the gamers would be in the movie about Aliens.

But in fact, the players got bad graphics, uninteresting plot, and terrible AI of Aliens, who crashed into the walls and did not look like a formidable enemy. As a result, the project received a lot of negative feedback and was quickly forgotten.

The Order 1886

The Order 1886

This game could have turned out to be good if it hadn’t taken several hours for passing. This exclusive for PlayStation 4 was sold for the full price at the time of release, and it required about 50 dollars. And how amazed were the gamers when they saw the final credits after 3-4 hours of passing.

The developers had all the cards on hand to make the real hit. The graphics in the project is quite good, the plot is also quite interesting. They only had to improve the shooting a bit and make the project longer, or at least sell it for half of the cost of AAA projects on PS4.

However, because of the greed of the authors, the game is considered to be terrible all over the world and didn’t meet expectations.

Mafia 3

Mafia 3

The announcement of the third part was received with great excitement from gamers. After two successful games, they were looking forward to immersing themselves in this wonderful world again. And the developers and publishers were actively PRing the game, showing quite interesting videos.

But when the release took place, it became clear that the third Mafia will quickly go to the shelf. The game has terrible optimization, the graphics in it is also not perfect, and the gameplay consisting of the curve transport control and pattern shootings can surprise few people. As a result, Mafia 3 got low marks from gamers. And the high expectations never came true.

Sonic The Hedgehog


For 15 years, series about the Blue Hedgehog has delighted all gamers around the world. But in 2006, everything changed. The world saw a new part called Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s not hard to guess that the talk about the game was among a lot of fans. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be one of the most disappointing games ever released. It tarnished the reputation of the series, and many gamers involuntarily present it every time they talk about the Sonic series. The game was full of glitches, it had a bad plot, clumsy control, and unbearably long loading screens.

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