Battlefield is crashing on xbox

Battlefield 2042 is set to be released on November 19, 2021, with Gold and Ultimate Edition customers getting early access on November 12. After that, players complained that Battlefield 2042 was turning off the consoles.Players with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play are already testing out DICE’s new shooter, Battlefield 2042.

Many are complaining about graphical issues that have been found in the game. The most common error reported by players is screen flickering in-game. There are other problems too – frame rate drops, animation glitches, out of sync, severe lags and a complete shutdown of the console.

Complaints concern both the Xbox Series X version of the game and the Xbox Series S version. On the junior console, players note low resolution, blurring and a lot of graphical glitches.There were similar problems with F1 2011 and Fifa 22, and Microsoft has solved this problem. At the moment the company is silent about the problems while playing Battlefield 2042 and is not going to do anything to fix them.

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