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Meat and hardcore became a real rarity for works of mass art. We have compiled a selection of the best DOOM-like games for fans of old-school shooters.

Our list includes relatively new PC first-person shooters that follow the traditions of the old John Carmack school. That means that you will not find a trendy mechanic like death with a single shot, active use of hideouts, damage to different parts of the body, or weapon wear in most of these games.

On the other hand, there are no frankly cheating innovations such as health regeneration. But here you will be waiting for the crowds of various enemies and huge guns, capable of annihilating everything for a few kilometers around you. All these games similar to DOOM remind gamers of the first half of the nineties their sleepless nights.


doom style games

Most gamers believe that the era of first-person 3D shooters began with the release of DOOM, and only the oldest hardcore players remember that in fact, the first game of this genre was Wolfenstein 3D, released by the same id Software.

New games of this franchise follow the traditions of the legendary series, and even the protagonist, spy of mixed American-Polish-Jewish origin William Blazkowicz, remained the same. Needless to say, in the 21 years that have passed between the release of the first part of Wolfenstein and The New Order, the graphics have made a huge leap forward.

But the basic gameplay reminds us of DOOM-style games: we have to destroy the elite units of the Nazis and the mystical and technological monsters that have joined them. The New Colossus offers to plunge into a terrible world, where Adolf and his sympathizers managed to completely subjugate almost the entire world to his perverted will.


doom type games

This game series was created by the Polish studio People Can Fly. All parts of the series are dynamic DOOM-type games (which the developers admit themselves), dedicated to the showdown between the tragically dead Daniel Garner and the hordes of hellish demons hanging between Heaven and Hell.

Almost every level has its unique design and allows us to fight at least one new kind of enemy. At the same time, completing additional tasks gives us access to unique bonuses.


computer games like doom

What should the genuine space trooper do if he finds out that he has been fooled and killed relatively honest people who interfere with his bosses all this time? Of course, first to arrange galactic-scale drinking, and then to serve in the thugs. From now on, computer games like DOOM begin.

That’s what Grayson Hunt, the protagonist of Bulletstorm, did. At first, most of our actions are driven by the thirst for profit, but later, Hunt remembers who ruined his life and decides to take revenge on the former commander.

The main feature of the game is a system of “skill shots,” rewarding the player for creative and painful ways to kill enemies. You can exchange the obtained points for even more weapons, significantly facilitating the genocide of all the opponents of a free interplanetary enterprise.

Quake Champions

first person shooter games like doom

Beginning with Quake Arena, id Software has gradually isolated the essence of Quake, cutting off all unnecessary things from the game. For example, they throw away campaign mode together with the storyline back in the Arena. In the Champions, the process came to the logical conclusion, and the entire project is now dedicated exclusively to the mass drive online notches in the deathmatch mode, so similar to first-person shooter games like DOOM.

Following the traditions of the series, the available characters differ in appearance, skills, and the size of the hitbox. So here you will have to choose between powerful super-soldiers, swirling, unkillable dudes, and owners of X-ray vision-type tricks. By the way, almost all game characters appeared in previous id Software games, including DOOM.

Unreal Tournament 4

fps games like doom

In terms of gameplay, the new “Tournament” looks more like the original 1998 Unreal or Quake Arena and other fps games like DOOM. Epic Games ruthlessly cut out all the fresh stuff like hoverboards and other transport, leaving only the perfect deathmatch and a couple of mandatory variations such as flag capture mode in their project.

The visual composition of UT remained original, and even most of the available weapons migrated from the third part with cosmetic corrections.

However, the production of the game got an unexpected turn: the development team was moved to Fortnite, the source code of UT was disclosed, and all the remaining adjustments were given to the game community. On the one hand, this made UT one of the games that play like DOOM that were completely free and didn’t even have microtransactions. On the other hand, fresh content in the project appears much less often than in paid or donated MMOs.

DOOM has formed the features of the genre and appearance of games for many years to come. Our list confirms it. We have not even included all the first-person shooter games like DOOM, but only the most resonant ones. You can choose any of them to touch the legend of the 90s.

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