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Surely everyone is already fed up with games where you only need to constantly save defenseless people and princesses. Enough boring stuff and ephemeral morality! It’s time to let your inner demons walk around and listen to the voices in your head. Bad guy games are created especially for such cases. For those who secretly rehearse sinister laughter and dream of world domination, we have prepared games where you play the bad guy.

Video Games Where You Can Be Evil: A Small Selection for True Fans

And so, let’s go straight to the most interesting! We present you with the most interesting and cool games where you play as the bad guy.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

bad guys games

Two hardened criminals open our top free bad guy games. Kane and Lynch aren’t exactly villains, but you would not want to be in the same city with them. These are a couple of notorious antiheroes, one is a cold-blooded mercenary, the other is an aggressive psychopath. Together they escaped the well-deserved death penalty.

But this doesn’t mean that Kane and Lynch are at least the least bit pleasant to each other. They are united only by the primitive desire to survive. Kane needs to save his daughter, the last bright spot in his gangster life, and Lynch. Who knows? He’s crazy. How much blood they have to shed, who to kidnap and how to torture – it doesn’t matter. They almost don’t care about their lives, let alone strangers. Tough thugs with no brakes deserve a place in the best games where you are evil.

Zombie Stubbs in Pulseless Rebel

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Poor zombies! They are shot, chopped, burned, and blown up. Thousands of walking dead are mercilessly exterminated in games every year. But in this one of the few bad guy games online Zombie Stubbs you get the opportunity to end this genocide and take revenge on the heartless people. You have at your disposal a whole arsenal of unusual devices of a revived corpse: a hand that moves freely separately from the body; a head that can be thrown like a bowling ball, and poisonous intestinal gases.

With the help of this outlandish weapon, as well as a personal army of rotting comrades, players will have to destroy the city built on the grave of the protagonist to the foundation. During his lifetime, Stubbs was a simple and not very lucky traveling salesman, but after a brutal murder, he became the real leader of the zombie revolution. If you want to rule and feel freedom, this bad guy game is for you!


video games where you can be evil

Every car enthusiast knows how kilometer-long traffic jams, reckless drivers who ignore the rules, and pedestrians crossing the road, anywhere, exhaust them. Especially for tired drivers and those who sympathize with them, Interplay released Carmageddon in 1997, which still deserves a place in games that let you be evil, even despite its great age. In this race for survival, you can reel slow pedestrians on the tires with complete impunity and smash the cars of annoying rivals to pieces.

This game was not the first bloody car combat. Three years before it was quarantined. But it was Carmageddon who raised a real wave of public discontent and popular adoration of games where you can be the bad guy. It was banned and censored, and it became more popular. Maniac driver Max Damage, grinning viciously from the cover, has long become a symbol of insane car massacres. The most villainous of all races!

Hunting for People

i said a lot of bad guy games

Who else but daredevils from Rockstar know a lot about evil protagonist games, bandits, and other antisocial elements. In 2003, controversial developers raised the bar for provocation and released Manhunt – a game where you are evil, sentenced to death.

Manhunt has an unhealthy atmosphere. This is a horror, where there is nothing supernatural, but full of monsters. Monsters in human form. This is one of those video games where you are the bad guy, where they offer to plunge into the world of sick fantasies, dark desires, and transcendent, but very real cruelty. And not as a detached spectator, but as a full-fledged participant. Scary naturalism and stylization of the game like snuff – scary films on which real murders are filmed. Have you already turned eighteen and do you think that you have a strong enough psyche? You can try to look into the eyes of your dark companion. We warned you.

Hitman: Blood Money

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The Hitman series is a villain protagonist game where you have to play in contrast. Against the background of drug dealers, corrupt politicians, and influential perverts, the assassin of Forty-Seven looks the lesser of evils. However, don’t give in to illusions. The bald hitman isn’t at all a positive hero. Genetically engineered, he is smarter, faster, and more dangerous than any trained fighter. What Forty-Seven is missing is humanity, but this, given his profession, is only a plus. With the calmness of the Buddha, he strangles with a sure stranglehold anyone unlucky enough to be his target or just get in the way.

Hitman: Absolution smoothed things out a bit and turned the hitman into a typical Hollywood hero. Thus, the penultimate part of the games you play as the bad guy franchise – Blood Money, got to our top. In it, Forty-Seven is still devoid of excessive sentimentality and unprofessionalism. In addition, the most challenging and varied missions in the series are presented here. Take, for example, the organization of an accident at the Paris Opera or the elimination of the Vice President of the United States right in the White House. Blood Money elevates planning and committing murder to the rank of art games where you play as the villain.

Postal 2

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This is one of the few games where you’re the bad guy that had scandals. Postal 2 was created, it seems, only to anger all moralists in the world. The action takes place in the typically American town of Paradise. The main character, whose name is simply Dude, lives with his wife in a van, works in a video game publishing house, and how he can solve eternal domestic problems. Paying bills, not leaving work, buying milk – in general, all the little things.

The most interesting thing is that the game can be completed without killing almost anyone, but this path will be chosen only by inveterate pacifists. Unlike Hatred and other video games where you are the villain, Postal doesn’t pretend to be dark and serious. His world is absurd and resembles the world of South Park rather than our reality, and being a madman in a mad city is not a bit scary.

Grand Theft Auto V

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The GTA series never talked about good guys. Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Niko Bellic – none of them were distinguished by firm moral foundations and were not shy in their choice of methods. That is why she is referred to as bad guys games.

Trevor takes the player with him to the center of chaos and madness. Bare-handed killing, torture, explosions are all part of a normal day for the most reckless criminal in gaming history. If the mafioso Michael and the street gangster Franklin under the control of the player are able to live more or less peacefully, then almost any episode with Trevor’s participation invariably ends with another cheerful atrocity. Play one of the most interesting games where you play as a villain. You will want more and more!

I said a lot of bad guy games, and of course, these are not all there are, but they are also the best. We hope you enjoyed this collection of games where you are the villain and give it a try. Good luck!

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