In This Selection, We Decided to Make a List of Games with the Best Storylines

All of these games belong to different genres and were released at different times. The only thing they have in common is that the events unfold like in a good book. All the characters have well-described personalities and motivations; clichés like “the enemies burned the native village”, “the ancient Evil awoke”, “the main character is the reincarnation of a God/ancient hero/dragon/dog Devil” are either very rare or are perfectly beaten.

Contrary to the common stereotype, good story games do not necessarily have eight-bit console graphics and be voiced by the programmer who wrote them. Some of the projects that made our list are quite AAA games with multimillion-dollar budgets, modern (for the year of release) graphics, and professional voice acting. Of course, our list of the best video game stories also includes more modest projects that are well suited for weak PCs.

The Witcher Series

good story games

The Witcher trilogy was created based on the masterpiece of the dark fantasy genre – a series of novels of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. And though Mr. Andrzej personally did not participate in writing the game scripts, a literary staff of the CD Projekt RED studio has managed to keep the spirit of the books, as well as fully convey the atmosphere of the world in which people are sometimes much scarier than the monsters.

The gameplay is reduced not only to the alternate swinging of the silver and steel sword, the study of characters, and the use of potions in unhealthy quantities but also to the unraveling of complex socio-political conflicts within individual villages and entire states. The series has become a cult among games with good stories and will remain in the hearts of many gamers for years to come.

The Half Life Dilogy

best story driven games

The entry of the shooter in the selection of best story-driven games at first glance seems random. Nevertheless, the story can give a head start not only to other representatives of the genre but also to other RPGs. And even if our protagonist is silent and mysterious, the sudden turns and colorful characters here could be enough for several other games.

A separate bonus is the gradually growing sense of hopelessness because no matter what Gordon Freeman does, the situation for humanity only gets worse in the end. The series even has something in common with A Song of Ice and Flame – the bearded men in the body who created each of the masterpieces are willing to do anything as long as they don’t tell the story until the end.

Bioshock Series

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The games in this series have become the headliners of the biopunk genre. The story shows us how the best intentions can gradually turn the lives of thousands of people into a living hell. After all, Andrew Ryan, who created the underwater utopia city, initially only wanted to realize his ideals of a completely free society, where everyone can make the most of their abilities.

As a result, he has created one of the best game stories in which most residents have turned into mindless mutants, and the few people who have retained their humanity are sometimes more dangerous than the most vicious monsters.

Max Payne Series

games with good stories

This groundbreaking for its time shooter is not only made in the visual style of films of the noir genre, but its entire plot corresponds to the canons of this genre.

Our hero, a policeman named Max Payne, loses his wife and daughter, who become victims of the revenge of drug dealers one day. This event forces Max to go to dangerous work as an undercover agent and almost single-handedly destroy the entire drug mafia in New York. In the course of a personal vendetta, the former policeman will have to face the underside of the metropolis nightlife and try to get out of a seemingly hopeless situation, when he is hunted by his former colleagues. The tragic plot made Max Payne one of the best narrative games of its time.

Heavy Rain

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Heavy Rain is a story-based game that came to us from the PlayStation consoles. In its time, the game managed to tear down a lot of awards and erase the line between movies and games, which subsequently influenced the gaming industry.

Players learn the story of Ethan Mars, whose son is kidnapped by the maniac Origami Master. The grief-stricken father decides to personally investigate, but what it will lead to – we invite you to find out for yourself.

The decisions in the dialogues and actions of the player affect the plot – as a result of wandering through the forks, you can come to one of the 18 endings. The player will play not only for Ethan Mars but also for 3 other characters.

Detroit: Become Human

best narrative games

Detroit: Become Human is another game with a good storyline from the same developers, but this time, gamers are in a fantastic story. In the not-so-distant future, humans created androids that were supposed to do routine work. But some of them rebelled and challenged the “system”.

You can look at the story from the perspective of three different characters, whose fates are rapidly intertwined. As a result of the player’s actions and decisions, the characters may all perish.

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