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Genshin Impact is an addictive anime-style gacha game that attracts hundreds of new players of all ages every day. It cannot be called difficult, since the combat mechanics and other game moments are simplified as much as possible. But, despite this, there are still those who cannot figure it out. If you are just getting started, you should read our Genshin Impact guide for beginners, which provides all the basic information about the game.

What Is Genshin Impact?

Before proceeding with the various tricks, let’s find out in more detail what it is and how to play Genshin Impact. This is a free-action RPG adventure game for PC, consoles, and mobile devices that was launched just a few days ago but already feels like a hit.

The game also contains many secrets and features that are easy to miss. This guide will focus on them. Below, you can find 9 tips to help you navigate the world of Teiwata and unlock the maximum number of new characters.

One of the big pluses is a huge open-world full of hidden secrets, puzzles, mini-games, and bosses. It’s clear that developer MiHoYo drew inspiration from Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild: you can climb mountains, jump and glide over chasms, and quickly lose track of time bumping into all kinds of possibilities.

But the game also has a full story campaign that should be played first. This must be done due to the presence of blocked functions, which are opened only after completing certain missions and increasing the adventure rank (account level). For example, in this way, the glider and even the co-op mode are unlocked. Therefore, if you are tempted to constantly explore everything, then it is better to try to combine travel and story missions.

It is also not recommended using the fast movement system on the map at first if you aren’t sure that you have found all the secrets in the area. Hidden chests, upgrade materials, secret quests – they’re all over the place and easy to miss.

Where Can I Play Genshin Impact?

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When choosing a platform for the game, the first thing you need to consider is the cross-platform save feature, which allows you to load and use saves on different devices. Thanks to the unique save sharing system, you can play Genshin Impact both on your smartphone/tablet and on your PC. To do this, you just need to learn how to transfer data between devices. What you need to do to load a save from another platform:

  1. Click on the icon that is located at the bottom right of the screen;
  2. Fill in the fields with the username and password of the account from which you want to load the save;
  3. Wait for synchronization and enter the game.

Now you have already started the game and have reached the final intermediate stage. Now you need to understand the Genshin Impact on how to save. You cannot do this manually, since the game prohibits players from saving the game on their own through the main menu. This is due to the fact that the game has an automatic save, which occurs every time an action is taken, or an action is taken. So you don’t have to worry about your results being lost.

Genshin Impact Starting Characters

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All heroes in Genshin Impact are conventionally divided into categories (tiers) according to the degree of efficiency and power:

  • Tier S – The most powerful heroes in the game;
  • Tier A – Heroes that are slightly weaker than in Tier S. Can easily replace the best heroes;
  • Tier B – Heroes of average power;
  • Tier C – Weak heroes in the game;
  • Tier D – The weakest and most useless heroes.

In the early stages of the game, you can complete story quests with the help of 1 character – the Traveler. If you often face problems during the main quests, gather a group of characters with different types of elements and weapons. This will make the team stronger and speed up the passage of the story campaign, even if all the heroes aren’t very strong.

Elemental reactions/combos are special effects that are activated when enemies are hit with a series of various elemental attacks. For example, if one hero deals lightning damage to a target, and then another attacks it with fire skills, the “Reload” effect is triggered, forming a strong explosion, causing AOE damage, and setting the enemy on fire. Simply put, by combining heroes of different elements, you will more effectively deal with enemies and go through difficult content without any problems.

Genshin Impact Tips and Tricks

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And so, you already know the basic information about the game, but what else do you need to remember in order to achieve high results? Let’s now take a look at the Genshin Impact tips that will definitely come in handy for you.

Open Lootboxes

Genshin Impact uses the gacha system to gain new characters and powerful weapons. This means that randomness has a big impact on the game. Even if you purchase Intertwining Fates or Fateful Encounters (for convenience, we will call loot boxes) and open them, the required character or equipment may not drop out. However, you shouldn’t be very upset about this, because the game has a special mechanic.

Save Your Source Stones and Stardust for Lootboxes

Loot boxes in Genshin Impact can be purchased for both real money and in-game currency. There are several types of the latter, including Source Stones, which are earned for almost all actions, and Stardust, obtained for opening loot boxes. The in-game store will tempt you to spend in-game “money” on various items, but resist the temptation: save your Source Stones and Stardust to buy more loot boxes with more valuable rewards.

You Won’t Unlock All Core Features Until Adventure Rank 20

Development in Genshin Impact is rather slow. Because of this, it takes some time before you can unlock all the main functions, but you shouldn’t think too much about pumping. The fact is that the experience of the adventure rank grows from almost any action in the game. Gradually, you will still discover all the possibilities of the game.

Change Characters Often

For battles in Genshin Impact, a team of four characters is used, which is formed by the player. However, only one hero can be permanently on the battlefield, and the rest are presented as a replacement and, if necessary, you can switch to them at any time. To fight effectively, you need to assemble a squad, taking into account their abilities and belonging to the elements. There are seven types of elemental damage in the game, and many of them are combined. For example, if you direct the skill of the elements of the wind through fire, then it will turn into a fiery whirlwind, a blow with frost on an enemy previously doused with water will turn him into ice, and so on. For this reason, the competent recruitment of characters in the squad and the constant switching of them in battle will reveal the team’s combat potential to the fullest.

We are sure that our guide has become complete for those who want to start playing this game, or simply improve their results at any of the levels. To do this, just use our tips and fill your hand. That’s when you will see how well the events are in the game!

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