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Playing Genshin Impact you used to do lots of quests, dungeons and just run around the world and kill mobs alone, but many players want to know does Genshin Impact have multiplayer? All of this can be made more fun and much easier thanks to the multiplayer option.

Have you ever noticed the text while loading? Sometimes there you can find a phrase that says you should be friendly with travelers from other worlds, perhaps you are going to become good friends. It’s true! Thanks to the multiplayer, you can find and meet wonderful people and explore the world of Teyvat together. Today we’ll learn in detail how to play multiplayer on Genshin Impact and what features are present in it.

What Level Can You Co Op in Genshin?

genshin impact multiplayer unlock

From the very beginning, the co-op mode is not available to you. For Genshin Impact multiplayer unlock, you need to follow the story quest and level up your Adventure Rank. Upon reaching rank 16, the multiplayer game mode would become available to you. It may take you about 1–3 days to reach Adventure Rank 16, depending on how many hours a day you can devote to playing.

Multiplayer mode in Genshin Impact is available on all devices: PC, mobile phone and PlayStation. We want to warn you that you won’t immediately run and play in multiplayer, unless you have friends who have been playing Genshin Impact for a long time and want to spend time together. At the very beginning, you should devote time to completing story quests, learning skills, enhancing weapons and the level of your characters, as well as collecting primogems.

How to Turn On Co Op Mode in Genshin Impact?

how to play multiplayer on genshin impact

To enter the multiplayer mode, you need to follow just a few simple steps:

  • In the upper left corner near the mini-map, find the circle icon, it is located near the “Sense of the Elements” icon;
  • Click on it and you’ll see the “Co-Op Mode”;
  • In appeared list of random players with approximately the same Adventure Rank, to which you can enter the world;
  • Click “Request to Join” and the player would receive a request from you, which he can either accept or reject at his discretion;
  • If another player wants to let you into his world, then after his approval you’ll automatically teleport to him. Perfect, you are in multiplayer!

In the Co-Op Mode, you can also set several settings regarding requests from other players. In the lower left corner, you can configure the World Permissions. You have 3 options to choose from:

  • Reject Join Requests (other players will no longer be able to send you a request to enter the world);
  • Allow Direct Join (other players won’t need approval of the request to enter your world);
  • Join After Approval (other players will be able to send you a request, which you can decline or approve).

In the lower right corner of the Co-Op Mode, there is a slider for “Show Joinable Only”. The list of players will be automatically sorted and you’ll see the players who have been allowed to send a request to enter their world.

In our Genshin Impact multiplayer guide, it should be noted that there can be a maximum of 4 people in multiplayer mode.

Second Way to Enter Multiplayer

what level can you co op in genshin

Let’s take, for example, a situation where you need to fight with a weekly boss or enter some kind of dungeon to collect artifacts and talent books, but you cannot succeed due to the fact that the characters are too weak. Then when you enter the dungeon in the lower right corner you’ll see the “Match” button, which is located next to the “Start” button.

Click on the “Match” button and the selection of three other random players would automatically begin, who at the same time carry out the selection in this dungeon. After a few seconds, you’ll be teleported to multiplayer and you can enter the dungeon together with other players who can help you complete it. Great Genshin Impact multiplayer tips for those with a small Adventure Rank and just learning how to play.

The Third Way to Enter Multiplayer Mode

is genshin impact multiplayer on mobile

If you have found good friends and want to play Genshin Impact together, then there is an opportunity to join your friend’s world. To do this, he must be added to the “Friends” list. Now let’s figure out how to connect to your friend:

  • In the upper left corner, click on the Paimon head icon and you’ll see the main menu;
  • Find the “Friends” tab, it is the third in the grid;
  • Select to whom you want to join and click on the button “Request to Join”, which is in his line;
  • Great, now your friend should accept the request to enter the world within a few seconds and you’ll be immediately teleported to him!

A small note about Co-Op Genshin Impact level: you can enter a friend’s world only if your Adventure Ranks match, or your rank is higher than your friend’s.

The blog authors reviewed all the available ways to enter multiplayer mode in Genshin Impact. Feel free to accept requests to enter your world from other players. Only in this way can you find great friends and conquer the world of Teyvat together. And as the saying goes, “Ad astra abyssosque!”.

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