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The Bethesda company announced the horror about the paranormal phenomena of GhostWire: Tokyo. The developer of the game is Tango Gameworks studio, known for the series The Evil Within. It is Shinji Mikami`s next project, whose portfolio includes Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Vanquish.

The events of GhostWire: Tokyo unfolds in modern Japan in Tokyo. It is a beautiful city where quiet parks, gardens, and traditional temples are adjoined by bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and business centers with bright neon signs. But soon, a succession of mysterious events threatens the ordinary life of the metropolis.

Unexpectedly people start to disappear without a trace in different parts of Tokyo. On the streets, in the cafe, and on public transport, all personal belongings of victims and even clothes remain, but bodies disappear.

The main character is a person engaged in the investigation of paranormal phenomena. The developers do not give his name yet. But it is known that he can see creatures from another dimension, ghosts, demons, and resist them. As a weapon, the hero uses arrows, swords, and supernatural abilities. And as the game progresses, the weapons can be pumped, as well as strengthen the old and get new unique skills.

In Shinji Mikami`s new game, the case is not limited to the investigation of just a disappearance incident. The game will feature many missions based on popular urban legends about ghosts and demons in Japan. For example, you will have to face one spirit, which you could see in horror films “The Ring” and “The Grudge”, ghosts living in schools and passengers from another world. You can’t do without the dolls, which are believed to live in the souls of dead people. Perhaps, there is a place for Aka Manto, Kuchisake-onna, or Tack Tack – terrible demons which are very popular in Japan.

GhostWire Tokyo Gameplay

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The main goal of the developers is to give players the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating research, passionate battles, and epic action.

The creators of the game made their own version of Tokyo to recreate the places that only locals know about. Many do not dare to go there because of the depth and mysteriousness of these places, but the interest still wins. Such a decision will appeal to those who have not yet been to Tokyo and to those who have lived there all their lives.

The main character will receive paranormal abilities from the mysterious character, which he will apply through hand gestures. These abilities will help to save the city streets from the terrible monsters.

GhostWire: Tokyo Trailers

On the announcing trailer, the developers showed the quality of graphics, great visual effects, and all this will remain the same. On E3 2019, we saw the world and the atmosphere in which we will save Tokyo.

The gameplay trailer showed episodes of battles with monsters, several abilities of the main character, and shots of confrontation with the creatures of the city.

The developers themselves deny that Ghostwire: Tokyo is a horror, they call their project an adventurer action movie with mystical and creepy elements. The creators promise streets that will be filled with creepy and puzzling elements based on Japanese folklore, legends, and popular scary stories.

How Big Is the Game World?

The original version of Tokyo in GhostWire will cover the most popular and famous areas of Tokyo, as well as the Shibuya district. The entire area will create a balance between the open world and the passage of the plot. Players will be able to discover the main storyline and explore the city.

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