Google Drives ban

The greatest and famous all over the world search system Google has announced the introduction of a new rule that will ban files that violate the terms of service. It is important information for the owners of inappropriate files and people they want to share them with. The first ones won`t be banned for their downloading and will have access to the marked files. But the common applying or the other users viewing will be averted.

If your file will be recognized as violating the terms of service, the red flag will appear near its name. Some people are sad due to the breach of data confidentiality. But to be honest, we have already agreed to the game policy which follows us and interrupts us to enforce the rules. It has become a usual thing. Google already had the programs for automatic tagging of images. implying criminal activity. The threat for underage, for example. So, even in the case of arguments, it became an established reality.

Of course, in case of your disagreement of violating the terms of service, you can appeal it. If the file that you got is marked with a red flag, you will get the opportunity to check it. If you are the owner, you can ask for recovery access.

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