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Google planned to introduce new features that will be available to Android 11 on 3 June but decided to postpone the presentation, due to protests that have been taking place for several days in several cities in the United States. The company believes that “now is not the time to celebrate.” Google said it did not abandon the event, but did not say when it may pass.

Although Google does not say directly that the release was canceled because of the protests, it is obvious that they were the reason for this decision. The new presentation date for the Android 11 beta was not announced, so it’s hard to say when developers are planning to run the OS.

Massive riots and clashes with police are taking place in more than ten major cities in the United States. The reason for the unrest was the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis after his arrest by the police.

We wrote that Sony postponed the presentation of games for PlayStation 5 due to riots in the USA as well.

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