Green Man Gaming Review

PC video games can now be purchased from a variety of locations and platforms on the Internet. There you can buy games, keys, and more. But unfortunately, not all sources can be safe for users, containing viruses, fakes, or something worse. But we know one service that you can always use safely. Today we will talk about the Greenman Gaming review. Surely in many Green Man Gaming reviews, the topic of security comes up, because some users claimed that they may have been deceived, they received not what they expected, and other problems (later you will find out why this happens). But here everything is exactly the opposite. We will clarify some points so that you don’t get confused and don’t make mistakes when using. Well, let’s proceed to the Greenmangaming safe site.

The site was founded in 2009. Initially, he sold games only to residents of the UK. Today Green Man operates on the territory of as many as 185 countries. The creators of the site are considered to be the captain of British guard Paul Sulyok and Lee Packham. The site was officially launched on May 10, 2010. Then in Greenman Gaming legit, the catalog of games consisted of only 500 titles, but now the catalog has expanded to 5200.

The site sells keys to services such as GOG, Steam, or Origin. At the moment, cooperation with Desura has been terminated due to the bankruptcy of the owner of the Bad Juju service. It is also planned to start selling games for 7th and 8th generation consoles.

Registration is Green Man Gaming safe and quite convenient. We registered for the test using Facebook, it’s a little faster. In addition, you can safely link Steam with Greenmangaming, which is also a very handy feature. In addition, recently the site has established good protection against hacking, sending a verification code to the registered mail in cases where the account owner has not appeared on the site for a long time or has entered it from another computer. Until the user enters this code, the site won’t be available to him for viewing. This is really important because when you try to hack your library with purchased keys, no one will be able to see. That is why Green Man Gaming is trustworthy.

The user profile contains the following items:

  1. Setting – all your personal data is recorded there. They can be changed if necessary.
  2. Trade-in Now is a useless item. There is a small text and a link that takes you to the error page. In theory, all games associated with your Playfire profile should be recorded there.
  3. Orders – this paragraph contains all the details of your purchases on the site.
  4. Games – all your keys are recorded here. The only annoying thing is that when buying a pack in the point with games, only the keys will be painted. There are no names for the games.
  5. Referrals – after purchase for the minimum amount, you will have access to referral links by which your friends can register. Subsequently, from their purchases, your wallet on the site will be replenished.
  6. Redeem – a voucher code is entered here that will give you a discount on a specific product. In fact, it is also a useless item, since the code can be entered in the purchase menu, which is much more convenient.
  7. Want – all games for which you want to receive bonuses from achievements in Playfire are recorded here (more on this later).

Next, pay attention to the inscriptions “GMG Credit” and “Library value” (will appear after registration). What is it? The first inscription means the number of dollars in your site account. The second inscription shows how much money you earned in the Playfire service (about it a little later).

You can actually get money into your account in several ways:

  • Transfer money from your Playfire account;
  • Get over shopping friends.
Registration is Green Man Gaming safe and quite convenient

The main menu turned out to be not the best. There are several controversial points here. For example, PC “Download” and “Hot Deals” are thrown onto the same page. Items “Mac” and “Early Access” should have been added to the search, and not to the main menu, as we think. But these little things have nothing to do with Greenmangaming safety, because these are just changes in the interface.

Games should be chosen wisely here. Not because they may turn out to be low-quality slag, but because their cost on the site can be much higher than the cost of the same game on Steam, say. Although the creators said that their prices are now focused on residents of different countries.

In addition, you should pay attention to the proposals. There are often discounts for games from one publisher, for example, now there are discounts for titles from Daedalic. Holiday packs with and without reason appear almost every month and include a dozen games for the lowest possible prices.

The item “VIP” was created exclusively for registered users of the site. More often than not, games appear there that are available for pre-order. The price has been reduced accordingly. On the site itself, vouchers often appear, by entering which in the payment window you can get a discount. Unfortunately, the voucher isn’t valid for those games for which a discount has already been offered.

Now about the possible payment options buying from Greenmangaming safe. There are plenty of them here. But can they be used? It will be important for Igrotop users to find out that purchases are safe, and that they can be made with the help of Webmoney, well, and other various virtual wallets.

Is Green Man Gaming Safe?

To be convinced of Green Man Gaming trustworthy, we will tell you about the main Play fire payment method. This is a service whose main task is to track a user’s achievements on Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN. These advances help users make little money.

Greenmangaming scam or not? Let’s see how it works. The community of the site, with its votes, determines the game, the achievements from which will have to be rewarded with currency. The developers add this game to the “Rewards” item. And for completing a certain kind of achievement (achievements knocked out, so many hours played, etc.) you get a bonus to your account in the Playfire service. Why they couldn’t be transferred immediately to an account at GMG is unclear. This is why many believe that Green Man Gaming is a scam. But perhaps the whole problem was that during the development they made a small mistake here.

So, having earned a couple of dollars, they can be transferred. And this function works in one place. And again, one gets the impression about the Green Man Gaming scam. You have to press the “Trade-in Now ” button several times until the money’s gone. But in the end, they still get where they need to go.

Another unpleasant aspect, which can also lead to Greenmangaming scam, is that in order to track achievements, the Playfire program must be installed on your computer. And it isn’t clear why the usual synchronization of the Steam account on the site isn’t enough. As a result, you also get Playfire in addition to any Desura, Origin, or Uplay. Is it convenient? Well, not really.

That’s, in general, everything, in short. The site is quite user-friendly and is constantly being improved. Plus it is conveniently safe to link Steam with Greenmangaming. They try to make offers as beneficial as possible for users. And they try to keep track of the prices and keep them at the same level as the Steam prices. In general, in the Greenman gaming review, we described everything that inspired some distrust of other users. Perhaps you already have a different impression of this.

Now you certainly don’t have to be afraid about buying from Greenmangaming safely. As you already understood, everything is quite safe here, and it will be easy to understand the whole store. The main thing isn’t to rush and carefully read everything that you see on the page. Good luck!

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