San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3

More recently, all fans of the GTA game were pleased with good news. The release date of that very Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition hit social networks. Unknowing people may ask: “What is its novelty?” The fact is that this trilogy is a remaster of all previous versions of the GTA game, namely: San Andreas, Vice City and GTA 3.

The Trilogy Is Coming Soon of GTA

Rockstar Games itself made an official announcement a few days ago, but no one expected the game to come out so quickly! The leaker Tom Henderson wrote a whole article in which he named the exact date of the long-awaited release of GTA: The Trilogy. He is a trusted insider, as he has previously given accurate information about other games.

According to the leaker Henderson, it is worth waiting for the release of the updated GTA trilogy on November 11, 2021, that is, today! Finally, fans of this great game would be able to re-experience this thrill and get a lot of pleasant impressions. Let’s hope that the game does not disappoint us. Get ready to install GTA: The Trilogy on the computer and share impressions with your friends.

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