gucci virtual 25 shoes

Would you like to have a cool pair of shoes from a famous brand? What if it’s possible only for $12? However, there is a small detail – you can only wear them virtually.

The well-known brand Gucci, together with the equally popular mobile application Wanna, created Gucci Virtual 25, which can only exist in your virtual world. These are cool platform sneakers in neon green with blue, hot pink, and orange accents. Most likely now you are puzzled: “How can I wear such shoes and why do I need them virtually”? You just need to point the camera at your feet, like the filters on Instagram and you are already in trendy sneakers from Gucci. There are several advantages to such a purchase:

  • You can take a lot of cool photos and share them on social networks for a small amount of money;
  • You will get access to the virtual reality game VRChat and the online game about the Roblox universe. And you can also share your virtual successes with friends.

This is not the first attempt by Gucci to gain a foothold in AR. A year ago, everyone could try on their shoes or watches in the brand’s mobile application. Their virtual clothing and accessories can also be found for Pokémon GO, Sims 4, and Zepetto characters. The Wanna app is also not the first to experience such a collaboration. In its app, you can find sneakers from Louis Vuitton LV, Nike Airmax, and Adidas Yeezys.

If you want to be one of the coolest in the virtual world, then buy Gucci Virtual 25 in the official apps of the brand or Wanna!

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