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Mastering a new game isn’t always easy. For example, in GWENT there are various factions, several ranks, leaders, and much more, which at first glance may scare a beginner player. However, once you start practicing, you will realize that it isn’t that difficult, because Gwent is, first, a very exciting and original game. To help you learn how to play Gwent, we’ve prepared some basic information and some Witcher 3 Gwent tips for beginners.

Basic Rules of Gwent

Let’s start with the Gwent beginner guide. Each match consists of three rounds. Of course, sometimes there are exceptions, and you will be able to defeat the opponent on a dry sheet after two rounds, but most often the match takes place in three rounds. As you already understood, your task is simple – to win two rounds, and in order to do this, in each round you need to gain more strength points than your opponent.

During the game, you and your opponent take turn playing cards until one of you folds, thereby saying that he no longer wants to continue in this round and indicates his final number of power points. The second player can continue to play as many cards as he wants to, for example, overtake the opponent in the number of points, or also pass. You will probably say that Gwent basics are too simple – layout the cards to the victorious. However, remember that you can only top up your hand with two cards after the first round, and just one card after the second.

Therefore, spending too many cards in the first round can give your opponent a card advantage in subsequent rounds. Sometimes an early pass in the first round can be the best decision if, for example, you cannot catch up with your opponent on points without playing a lot of cards. Gwent help is important to keep in mind, but of course, with practice, you will be able to better determine your chances of winning and use your cards wisely.

The easiest way to get new cards is to open barrels. Barrels with cards can be earned as a reward, as well as purchased for ore or money. Every day you get rewards for winning the rounds. For example, for wins in 6 rounds a day, you will receive 100 units of ore. This is just enough to purchase one barrel of cards. Even if you lose the match, but win the round, you will receive a reward. If you are a beginner, we recommend winning the rounds.

When you open the barrel, you get five cards for your collection. The first four cards come out randomly, and the fifth you can choose from three other cards. If you aren’t sure about the choice of a particular map, you can always ask for help from the game’s community, for example, on the forum.

Another way to expand your collection is to create maps from scraps. Scraps are another resource for creating maps. If you have extra copies, or cards that you simply don’t use, you can always grind them for a certain number of scraps, and then spend the resulting scraps to create a new card. Keep in mind that the starting leaders and those you can get from challenges don’t drop from barrels, so if you decide to grind them, you can only get these leaders back into the collection by creating them from scraps. Sometimes newbies don’t know which card is best to create, so I always recommend starting with neutral cards as they are versatile and can be used by any faction.

Faction Gwent Tips

witcher gwent guide

Now that you know some Gwent tutorials, it’s time to decide on a faction. There are five factions in the game, each with a unique playstyle. You should try all of them to determine the faction that best suits your playstyle. In addition, your method of how to win at Gwent will depend on this selection.

Kingdoms of the North – a distinctive feature of this faction is the imposition of protection on their units, which helps to reduce the damage from enemy attacks. However, you can use additional armor for other purposes as well. The Kingdoms of the North have many ways to attack the opponent, for example, one of the archetypes allows you to use war machines, trebuchets and ballistas to shoot enemies.

Monsters – These guys love inclement weather. Here, the weather maps are very different and each imposes a devastating effect when played on the opponent’s side. Monsters have a lot of cards in their arsenal that synergize with weather effects, some of them invoke weather effects on the field, others receive special bonuses when influenced by the weather. Another interesting faction archetype is based on the absorption of allied cards by units or even their destruction!

Skoya`taeli – This faction consists mainly of elves and dwarves. You can build decks using cards from one or another person, as well as decks that increase the strength of the cards in your hand, and decks that work with special cards.

Skellige – This faction is perhaps one of the most difficult for beginners. Skellige warriors can damage themselves in order to gain an advantage in strength points, for example, the card “An Krayt: Swordsman”. In addition, playing as Skellige, you can use various combinations with the resurrection of cards or with synergy between a group of cards, for example, the card “Thirschach: Veteran” and cursed units.

Nilfgaard is the most cunning faction that allows you to reveal cards in your or your opponent’s hand for strategic and point advantage. Nilfgaard has spy cards that you send to the enemy rear for your own benefit. The empire is famous for its alchemists, so you can always count on synergy between cards with the “Alchemy” sign to damage your opponent or strengthen your own units.

In order to try all the factions in action and unlock their leaders, the single-player challenge mode is best suited. Upon completion of all challenges, you will receive two leaders from each faction, as well as invaluable experience with playing with different decks. All this will definitely help you decide on your favorite faction. Additionally, for completing all the tests, you will receive ore – a resource required to purchase barrels.

Let’s take a look at how to use factions in the new format. Choose a faction, complete tasks and get a reward! Faction Fight is back in a new format! Each of the 5 factions takes part in this confrontation, and only you can decide the outcome! How do I get involved?

  • Enter the game.
  • In the “Tasks” tab or in the pop-up message, select the fraction for which you want to participate in the “Struggle of Factions”: “Kingdoms of the North”, “Skoya’taeli”, “Nilfgaard”, “Skellige” or “Monsters”.
  • Play matches for your chosen faction and complete special tasks to get a reward: faction barrels and reward points.

The winner will be the faction whose supporters complete more tasks during the “Struggle of factions”. Upon completion of the event, all players will receive special temporary bonuses for the winning faction. In this Faction Clash, the winning faction guarantees all players the following bonuses:

  • the opportunity to purchase barrels of the winning faction in the store;
  • + 50% experience when playing as the winning faction in regular and ranked games;
  • a special Arena event with cards from the winning faction.

You can get acquainted with the results of the “Struggle of factions” in real-time by clicking on “Results” in the tasks tab.

Gwent Explained About Decks

Gwent Explained About Decks

Well, it’s time to tell you about the Gwent beginner deck. There won’t be a lot of information, everything is clear here. The “portal” is needed to call the “princely guard” so that in the future they will receive such a sickly buff from “Assimilation” (drawing of enemy cards). Well, the spies here are also very strong, the enemy will try to knock your fighters with “Assimilation” and at this time you bang “Fighters of the Empire” and he is already in despair and presses the consid.

You ask, where are the proofs, that this deck is imba? And there are none yet, but you can create them by playing and promoting it to the masses in your discords: “So I made 15 victories in a row thanks to the deck builder from the people of Kubik, not like the Svimov decks on which a maximum of 9 victories can be made.” Another important point, the possibility of modifying some decks and replacing, for example, “Hanmarvin’s Blue Dream” with the “Rebirth” card, is allowed.

We are sure that all the information will definitely come in handy in the gameplay, and especially in the beginning. Remember that making mistakes at the very beginning and not only is normal, because you are just learning and getting to know the new game world. Recommends if in doubt about something, re-read our article again, and come out the winner of each game!

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