Video Game Hades won the Hugo Award

On December 19, the 79th meeting of the World Science Fiction Convention DisCon III took place. For the first time at this meeting, the Hugo Award was presented for the best Sci-fi or Fantasy video game.

This award went to the game Hades. This project bypassed many other popular video games and became the absolute winner. Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last of Us Part II, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and others were also nominated for the award.

Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin thanked the organizers of Hugo and said it was a great honor for the entire team to win such a prestigious literary award. Thanks to this event and winning the award, Hades gained new popularity and many gamers became interested in the fantasy genre.

The founders announced that the award in the “Best Game” category was presented at a time. However, they are considering creating a permanent category related to games.

DisConIII Co-Chair Colette Fozard said that in 2020, more and more people are starting to play video games. Hugo Award can help fans celebrate their favorite games and those projects that they liked the most over the past year.

Hades won not only the Hugo Award but almost immediately after the release received the Game of the Year award for the best graphic design, artistic achievement, and supporting performer. This video game also won the Best Action Game of 2020 award.

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