nerduell new year

A dear audience of, our team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts. Despite the fact that this year we had to face an extremely difficult boss who was able to divide the whole world, we still stayed together. This year, games were more popular than ever, as many people discovered the world while in quarantine. Personally, we’ve spent hundreds of hours playing games to share our experiences with you.

We value communication and interaction in games, that’s why we have the support of the people who read our blog. During the existence of our site, we have learned that people can create unique and beautiful things if they are united by a common cause. We want to wish you to find a party with which you can pass all the dungeons of the heroic level at the first attempt, that the fire of victory burn in your hearts and overcome all the difficulties on your way. We are waiting for new projects, the development of new generation consoles, new games that will allow us to communicate and discuss our favorite topic again. Don’t forget to make presents for your friends because all gamers know what a pleasure to experience a new skin in your favorite game. GWP 2020.

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