Harry Potter MMO

The Harry Potter franchise has achieved immense popularity over the past decades. JK Rowling’s books about the wizarding world have become bestsellers, and all the Harry Potter series are reviewed by millions of fans to this day.

Taking into account such a huge popularity and demand for Harry Potter, they wanted to embody this story even in video games. Plans began to develop an MMO game based on Harry Potter, but in the end this project was canceled.

Kim Salzer, former director of product marketing at EA, spoke about this. In an interview with Original Gamer Life, she talked about canceled projects and mentioned the Harry Potter MMO that EA was developing.

Salzer shared exclusive information that this Harry Potter game even has a ready beta version and combines offline and online modes. Thanks to the offline mode, players would be able to receive rewards and souvenirs by mail for achievements in the game. Salzer also shared her thoughts on why the project was stopped and closed. The fact is that during that period EA was going through difficult times and they doubted that this Harry Potter game would be able to keep consumers’ interest and its popularity for a long time. During that period, they needed to focus on games that could provide success and good profit for the company.

Unfortunately, Harry Potter fans won’t be able to play this MMO, but it’s not time to get upset. Coming soon, in 2022, Hogwarts Legacy from Avalanche Software is an open and magical world game. This project would definitely be able to meet the needs of Harry Potter fans and give them a truly memorable game experience.

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