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Many aspiring Hearthstone players often wonder which is the best legendary to craft Hearthstone in the first place, so that it has the most value in the deck. We have prepared for you an overview of absolutely those legendaries that you should definitely have. We also want to talk about all the pros and cons of these or those that must have Hearthstone cards, so that you can make the right choice.

Furthermore, we have tried to make an overview of the legendaries in such a way that you can independently determine the value of each of the cards in order to find the right one for your deck, with which you can get to the “Legend” rank.

Of course, having the most used legendaries Hearthstone in a deck doesn’t automatically make you a winner, but if you build your deck correctly, know its strengths and weaknesses, and are familiar with the current meta, then your chances of winning will increase significantly. We’ve decided to categorize all the best Hearthstone legendaries to make it easier for you to prioritize each card.

Hearthstone Must Have Cards for Curse of Naxxramas

best legendaries hearthstone


Mexna is a very effective most used legendary Hearthstone, especially if your opponent cannot immediately destroy it or clear it from the table. Due to its health reserve, it allows you to destroy several large creatures of your opponent at once and can turn the game in your favor in just 1-2 moves. On the other hand, Mexna is not the best choice for Hunters and Priests, as for 6 mana you can pick up more interesting class cards.


She appeared in Hearthstone with the release of Curse of Naxxramas. At the same time, a good and controversial card in any deck, since its effectiveness will completely depend on your knowledge of the meta and the right moment when Loatheb is worth playing.

This is one of those best legendary Hearthstone cards that can help you not only hold out for 1 extra turn but also allow you to destroy the enemy, as it minimizes the possibility of using spells from the opponent’s side. On the other hand, even if you miscalculate the moment you use it, Lothib will play the role of a normal 5/5 creature.

Baron Rivendare

By itself, Baron Rivendare doesn’t pose a particular threat to your opponent. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will be able to play this best legendary in Hearthstone well in order to get the most out of it during the game. On the other hand, using the Baron Rivendare card can create an excellent combo if Cairne Bloodhoof is destroyed, and with special luck, you can summon a second card to the table, which will allow you not only to take the initiative but practically guarantee you victory.


A card that can be indispensable in many control decks. Thanks to your ability to return destroyed creatures to the field, you can not only gain control of the table but also hold it for many turns, sufficient to destroy your opponent. It is especially beneficial to use this in tandem with provocateurs so that your opponent cannot destroy him with the help of minions.

Class Cards

hearthstone best legendaries


This is one of the few best legendary cards in Hearthstone available only to a druid, with great abilities. Do you have an empty table? We spread Cenarius on the table and summon two Tree provocateurs. Need to finish off the enemy? And again Cenarius comes to the rescue with his second ability giving +2 \/+2 to the indicator of your creatures on the board. Typically, Cenarius is always added to the deck if you decide to create a Rump or Druid Token.

Archmage Antonidas

A Mage card, thanks to which you can fill your hand with Fireballs and effortlessly finish off your opponent. If you manage to collect on the table a combination of the Hearthstone must have legendaries of Archmage Antonidas and two Sorcerer’s apprentices, then a set of Fireballs will turn into a sheer pleasure, and it will be much easier for your opponent to surrender than to endure such humiliation. And if fortune is in your favor and your opponent puts Millhouse Manastorm on the table, then the process of collecting Fireballs can be endless.

Tyrion Fordring

One of the strongest must have legendaries Hearthstone, available only to the Paladin and capable of changing the game in favor of its owner. Once on the table, Tyrion receives a provocation, a divine shield and a death rattle that gives the Paladin. The only way to destroy Tyrion without many consequences is to use silence, which is not always possible. In addition, Tyrion cannot be removed from the table using the Expert Hunter card. This is why Tirion Fordring should be in any Paladin’s midrange or control deck.

Bloodmage Thalnos

This is the cheapest Legendary card with a price tag of only 2 Mana Crystals, making it available in a variety of decks. At first glance, Blood Mage Talnosne has the strong characteristics of legendary cards, but thanks to her, you can increase the damage to such popular spells as Swipe, Face of Decay, or Fan of Blades. In addition, Blood Mage Thalnos has a Deathrattle and allows you to draw an additional card.

The Best Hearthstone Legendary Cards Dragons

best hearthstone legendaries


She is one of the few best legendary cards Hearthstone that can change the game balance during combat. Using Alexstrasza allows you to deal 15 damage to the enemy at once or restore your health indicators to the same 15 points. And thanks to its damage and health indicators, it can create big problems not only for your opponent but also for other creatures that are on the other side of the board.


It undoubtedly performs well, but its real value on the battlefield is highly questionable. Of course, you can use this best Hearthstone legendary in conjunction with Swipe or Backstab and deal additional damage, but this is not always possible. Therefore, if you aren’t sure that you can successfully combine Malygos with other spells, it is better to free up space in the deck and replace it with something more useful.


Another very powerful of all the best legendaries Hearthstone that can turn the game in your favor, even if you were on the verge of losing. The use of Deathwing can be described in one phrase – “store all eggs in one cell”, because by placing this legendary card on the table, you destroy absolutely all creatures and pass the move on to the enemy, who, with a successful coincidence of circumstances, can easily destroy him and regain control over table.

Without a doubt, we can say that you were interested in learning about Hearthstone’s best legendaries. Now your task is to add them to your deck. We recommend adding as many of these cards as possible so that you can defeat your friends and other rivals more. So take a good look at Hearthstone’s most used legendaries and start using them yourself!

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