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In ancient times there was no Hextech craft in the League of Legends, and the system of obtaining new champions was as simple as possible. For each game, regardless of victory or defeat, you got some experience and unique resources. Players should use this resource to acquire new champions. In 2016, players saw a new system of progression called “Hextech Craft” in one of the updates.

The players stopped receiving a special resource (only the first victory per day is an exception) for the victory or defeat in the match and started receiving experience points. Previously, players opened all available content at level 30, and this stopped account development. Now, the maximum level can be increased further, and you will receive specific capsules from which you get fragments of champions. You can buy champions “in an old-fashioned way, save resources, and buy the champion you like, but it will not be the most advantageous way for beginner players. Below, we will analyze every aspect of this mechanic and try to explain what is orange essence and why the new system is more profitable for new players.

First of all, it is necessary to understand how to get the hextech chests and the keys to them. After all, you can get the fragments of the skins with which you can get the orange essence of League. The most common way is a good game for certain champions. If you or one of your teammates gets a score of S-, S, or S +, then you get a chest. It sounds kind of simple, but it’s not easy to get that kind of score. You’ll have to train well and find smart friends who will also have a good level of skill. It is important to note that you can get a chest once for one champion. At the end of the season, this restriction is reset. Thus, it will not be possible to play all the time for one champion and earn chests. It is necessary to master as many new characters as possible and increase your overall level of play. Being able to play multiple champions is the best way to get an orange essence.

If you forget which champion helped you get the chest, you can see it in the “Champions” tab. It is not the only restriction associated with the chest. You can get a new chest no more than once in 7 days. In this case, if you, for example, do not enter the game during the month, you will have four chests accumulated, which you can get in the future, but not more. So you may get four chests in a month, which is quite good. After all, the chests may have the skin of a champion, which you can buy only for real money. The new system of hextech craft allows you to get the skins of champions with League of Legends orange essence. Use it to save your money and get skins without any real investment in the game. Yes, the skins will fall out randomly, but you’ll agree that it’s better than nothing at all. If you buy a hextech chest in a store for 125 RP, it will not be counted in the system above. You can buy up to 25 chests per day. To open a chest, you need a hextech key.

Can You Buy Orange Essence?

league of legends orange essence use

Unfortunately, you can’t buy an essence directly from the store. But you can buy event passes and get LoL orange essence. However, you can buy the keys in the store for real money, but there are other ways. For example, a key can be purchased during different events but usually, players try to buy some rare items: chests, emotions, and so on. The next option to get the keys is the simplest and most popular. When allies honor you, not only the level of honor is increased, but you also get the key fragments for it. You can collect one key from three pieces, and within a month, you can get a maximum of 12 pieces (or 4 keys).

This variant seems to be a bit complicated and even frozen, but it is only at first sight. If you, for example, play as support and help the team in every way, you will get honors very often, and there will be no problems with key fragments. Needless to say, the role of support is only a recommendation. Just try to be friendly and helpful to your team, and the praise won’t take long.

How to Get Orange Essence?

league how to get orange essence

So, we concluded that to get the orange essence, we must open the chests. Let’s find out what our chances of winning awards are.

  • The 57% chance is a shard of the champion’s skin for 1820 RP (or less) or a permanent skin of the champion. It is important to note that the chance of falling out does not depend on the price of the skin. In other words, you may get both expensive and cheap skins equally often.
  • The chance of 25% – 4800 blue essences + a shard of the champion. You get a new champion if you have never had one before. After all, even the most expensive piece of blue essences requires 3780 to turn it into a champion. You’ll even still have some essences for the other champions. You can spend the entire essence on other champions.
  • The chance of 11.5% is a fragment of the skin of the totem + 150 orange essence. 150 units of orange essence will not be enough to immediately turn a fragment into a ready ward skin because 340 units are needed. In other words, you will have to get the orange essence from other skin shards if you have not had it before.
  • A 10% chance is a new emotion that you can use in the game.
  • The chance of 3.5% is a ready icon + 150 orange essence. As you understand, the rarest award.
  • Besides the main award, there is a chance to get an additional award:
  • Chance of 10% – a chest and a key to it. A very good bonus, which doubles our award.
  • The chance of 3.6% is a Gemstone crystal, which can be used to get a unique award.
  • Chance 0.04% is a mythical image. This image is very valuable, but as you understand, the chance of getting it so miserable.
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