Video game lovers are always wandering the internet and shopping in search of exciting new games. 3 years after the release of PS4, 2017, players saw a new game “Horizon zero dawn” for this version of the console, which has received a huge number of fans from all over the world. Its gripping storyline makes players immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game.

Some gamers can go through games very quickly, including this one. And since they liked this game, they want to continue the game and the story. Will there be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn? Yes! We will cover this part later in the article.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

In June 2020, at the PS5 Future of Gaming event, Guerilla Games showed fragments of this game. Will it really be a Horizon sequel? Nobody can say exactly this, except for the manufacturer, but he has not yet said anything about this. But even from that fragment seen, one can understand that the game has improved, received new features and capabilities. Also, the developers did their best on graphics, colors, and lots of details, which shows the highest level of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Trailer & Story

The story tells about the continuation of the story of the main character Ela. She continues her adventure in the western part of America to a rather dangerous line, where she will have to fight and defend herself against opponents.

On the way, she will be met with more and more new threats that she will have to overcome on the way to her goal. The heroine has to find the source of one disease that affects plants and animals, and also causes an incessant superstorm to stop all the troubles caused. Although the description of the game itself is rather blurry, in the trailer for Horizon Dawn 2 players can see more new features and locations, which makes the picture more clear.

In June, Sony and Guerrilla Games showed a new trailer for the game, which made a tremendous impression on everyone present, and beyond, on other fans of the game. In a three-minute video, one could see interesting and new landscapes, landscapes that the main character Ela will conquer.

Also, new cars were visible there, as well as fragments of fights, since alligators and mammoths were present in the game. In addition, due to some peculiarities, it was noticed that Ela was going to travel to San Francisco and Yosemite. Moreover, there may even be an underwater exploration in the game, but some difficulties may arise with the gameplay.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Release Date

horizon sequel

Developer Guerilla Games has yet to tell Horizon Zero Dawn’s sequel release date. Yet he claims that it will be exactly in 2021. He also showed facts supporting this. They showed a developer diary, in which Mathis de Jonge plans to complete the work in 2021, but they could not specify the months and dates. Let’s hope this game comes out as soon as possible, so we can start playing and explore new features.

To somehow smooth out the wait until the long-awaited sequel is released, the developers presented to the audience a short story and a trailer that will show some of the details of the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 News

horizon 2 ps4

From all the news released, it is known for sure that the game

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be released for PS5. Most likely it will also be usable in the previous version of the console. With this ability, players will not need to buy new hardware to play Horizon 2 PS4.

As you know, the first part of the game was recently released on the computer version. But there is not a high probability that the sequel can be played on a computer.

Mathis de Jonge claims that the game’s field of action (Forbidden West) will be in Utah, and right up to the Pacific coast. This shows that the in-game map is much larger.

The fact that the next versions of games or films may already be voiced by other people really affects the perception of the game or films to such an extent that players and viewers may refuse to watch… But fortunately, this will not affect HZD 2. It is known that the characters will be voiced by the same people. This will give you the feeling that this is not a new game, but a smooth continuation of the previous version.

It is interesting to know that the game will have few loading screens, as the developers decided to use the super-fast SSD PS5. This is great news! Indeed, in many games, during loading, reloading, switching to other maps and in other situations, you have to wait at least 1-2 minutes, which significantly takes up time, especially if it is limited.

We thank you for reading this article and hope that it will help you clarify the situation regarding the long-awaited version of the exciting game!

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