Many developers consider their projects the best in the genre and do not miss the opportunity to make jokes about competitors. Attentive players may have noticed in some games funny references to other games of the industry. Sometimes it looks really in theme and witty and sometimes resembles a banal insult to other developers, which even looks inappropriate.

We decided to collect the most interesting examples of how the authors of one game tried to troll about the projects from other developers.

Assassin Crashed (the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings)

witcher 2

When the second part of the Witcher appeared in stores, Ubisoft has already released two games through Assassin’s Creed universe. At that time the franchise about the confrontation between Assassins and Templars was very popular. So it is not surprising, that when The Witcher 2 was announced, many people started comparing the games with each other. Medieval setting, sword battles, similar graphics and locations, the presence of the word “Assassin” in the title, and this is not all similar features that serve as a reason for comparison.

Obviously, during the development of the authors from CD Project RED were so sick of questions about the similarity of their game about Geralt and the franchise from Ubisoft that they decided to laugh at the latter. While passing The Witcher 2, the player can find quite an interesting reference on one of the locations. It is represented as an assassin lying in a haystack. Apparently, he tried to make the Jump of Faith but did not calculate the trajectory so well and crashed.

When Geralt approaches the body, the inscription “Assassin found” appears. And the Witcher says, “They’ll never learn.” Obviously, that’s how the Poles decided to ridicule the opportunity to jump into the haystack from a high altitude in Assassin’s Creed games. And many people saw in it an attempt to mock the whole Ubisoft franchise.

Timmy Vermicelli (Driver 3)

tommy vercetti

Few people remember, but the Driver series was trying to compete with GTA in the early 2000s, which was gaining high popularity. The developers of games about the Driver tried their best to surpass the projects of Grand Theft Auto. To do this, they borrowed various mechanics from GTA III, and then from GTA Vice City. So in Driver games, there was a full 3D, the ability to get out of the car, and other gameplay mechanics, which were taken from RockStar projects and slightly changed.

In Driver 3 the developers decided not only to surpass Vice City but also to mock the whole game. In one of the missions, the main character meets a character named Timmy Vermicelli, which is a clear reference to the main character of GTA Vice City – Tommy Vercetti. However, in Driver 3 the Italian has a ridiculous name, a funny Hawaiian shirt, and armbands for swimming. It’s quite clear that the authors were just messing with the GTA.

However, when Driver 3 sold worse than Vice City, the authors’ attempt to troll started to look inappropriate. Well, now the franchise has stopped competing with Grand Theft Auto, and it is unknown when the new part of the Driver will appear in stores.

Jokes about Metal Gear Solid (Splinter Cell)

splinter cell

The games about Secret Agent Sam Fisher aren’t full of humor. What’s going on in them always gives a bit of seriousness and aims to perform important tasks. But with a more detailed study, it is easy to see that the developers like to make jokes about Metal Gear Solid games.

For example, in Chaos Theory, there is a character named Mortyfied Pinguin, that appeared based on the system of nicknames of Foxhound operatives from MGS. Also in Pandora Tomorrow, some opponents rush speech during the interrogation, which is used by Metal Gear Solid heroes. And when Sam Fisher appears as a cameo in Ghost Recon Wildlands, he releases the taunting on the bandage that Snake Solid wore on his head.

Obviously, Splinter Cell developers can’t help but notice how much Sam Fisher and Solid Snake look alike. Maybe they want to hint at Kojima with these jokes and references, that their tactical spy gunmen are better after all.

A Glass of Water (Dying Light)

Dying light

The developers of Destiny made a contract with Red Bull. That’s how the party of the drink, designed in the style of the game, went to the shops. You could find the code that added a certain bonus to your Destiny account in each bank when entering it.

This kind of PR company was seriously criticized by the players. Many people didn’t understand why they had to drink a harmful drink in return for the content in the game they had already bought. Also, the developers of Dying Light reacted very quickly. They launched their promo company. The players were offered to upload the pictures where they drink the usual water from the glass. For that, they would get a unique sticker for their weapons. This move was so successful that many gamers started posting pictures of them drinking water. Well, the Destiny authors had only to split up their hands.

Moreover, people quickly learned to generate codes for Destiny themselves. It turned out that they all consisted of the same three letters and three numbers, simply written in different sequences. This made it possible to choose the combinations by yourself.

Jokes about Shooter Heroes (Duke Nukem Forever)

Duke Nukem

There were a lot of first-person shooters in the late ’90s, which were in great demand. Developers were just beginning to learn 3D in games, and shootings with monsters were the best fit as a genre. And if the protagonists from Doom and Quake preferred to do their work in silence, Duke Nukem never hesitated to throw winged phrases.

The last part of the Duke Nukem Forever series also featured that. The authors added a lot of jokes on other franchises of first-person shooters. You can find armor from Halo on the levels, which Duke will refuse to wear because it is for the weak. The body of the hero Doom will be on one of the locations who will lie in another battle, which will also be sarcastically noted by Nuke.

And there are a lot of such bumps during the passage, and the developers are not stingy about the expression.

True Crime vs GTA San Andreas


The developers of True Crime decided to make fun of RockStar while creating the game by adding large graffiti with a distorted RS logo on one of the buildings. The joke turned out to be rather strange, but it was clear who exactly True Crime authors wanted to hurt.

Obviously, the joke came to the RockStar office, and those who created San Andreas decided to joke in return. Thus, there were advertising posters of the company in the cities of the game, that deal with garbage collection. The billboard text says that they will quickly clean up any old garbage. And the company is called “True Criminal Cleaners”, which directly refers to True Crime.

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