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League of Legends is a game that is available all over the world – over the years the name has been located in many languages. Not only were the texts and subtitles translated, but all the character sounds and commentary comments were recorded from scratch in each language. Of course, we can change the League of Legends language to another (for example, English or Polish), but this change includes both voice and text.

However, there is an easy way to set a different language for texts and for voice. We can keep the Polish text and at the same time change the voices of the heroes to English, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, and even Japanese (unanticipated for anime fans, the characters in LoL create battle noises like the heroes of Bleach or Naruto). This allows you to play Anglo-Polish, Japanese-Polish, or other combinations. Then how to change the League of Legends language? We will show you 2 ways to do it right and quickly. Choose a suitable and more convenient one for you.

How to Change Language on League of Legends?

A small program called LoL VO Changer will help us change the League language. The application allows you to choose any language for conversational topics, leaving the written text in another language. Voices can be English, Polish, Japanese or Korean, and texts (descriptions of skills and subjects) can be in Polish or English.

It’s safe to say that the app is safe – Riot Games has repeatedly confirmed on Twitter and Reddit that it does NOT prohibit users from changing the League of Legends language using this program because it doesn’t provide any advantage over other players. Therefore, using the program doesn’t put you in danger of being banned, but you should always remember that we are using an unofficial tool and RIOT may one day change your mind about evaluating the program’s performance. Let’s find out how to change the ingame language of League of Legends using the app.

To use the tool and make the League of Legends language change, the first step is to completely close the League of Legends and disable the game launcher. Then install and run LoL VO Changer software. When you first start, you may need to specify the path to the folder with the game – click on the “League of Legends” field, and then specify the “League of Legends” folder, which contains the game files. Leave the rest of the settings unchanged.

Then go to the “Voice Packs” tab. Here you can set a separate language for text and voices, which will help you solve the problem of how to change the language on League of Legends. In the field “My locale” set the language for the text – if you like Polish select “Polish” and choose English “EU-English” and so on with another language.

Below, in the “Change audio to” field, select the language in which the questions voiced by the commentator and characters will be spoken. For example, select Japanese, click on the “Japanese” button. Then click the Change! Button. After that, the changing League of Legends language will occur.

In the background, the League of Legends launcher is launched, and the language files are loaded. Wait for all files to download. We don’t recommend pressing the button if everything is still not fully loaded! Otherwise, during the time how to change language in League of Legends, they simply won’t load, and you will need to carry out all the manipulations in the program again. After the files have been downloaded, leave the launcher enabled and go back to the LoL VO Changer window. There will be a message that after downloading the files, don’t press the orange launch button in the launcher. Instead, just hit the Continue button in LoL VO Changer.

The application will close and the app for changing language in League of Legends will start merging the selected language versions (e.g. Japanese voices with Polish subtitles). When the operation is complete, the message “Complete” should appear and the number of errors should indicate “0”.

If yes, everything went well, which means that the League of Legends change language was successful and the languages already installed in the game. You can now close the program and then start the game itself. After entering the game, you will notice that everything according to your settings – texts, skill descriptions, menus, and items, for example, is still in Polish, but the voices of the characters and commentators have been changed to a different language.

How to Change League of Legends Language to English or French?

change league of legends language

Now let’s look at another variation on how to change the language on League of Legends. It is as simple as the first one. Therefore, all actions won’t be difficult to repeat. Follow these steps for League of Legends how to change language:

  1. If you are logged into your account, log out to arrive at the login menu.
  2. When you walk up to a customer and ask for their login details, click on the small cogwheel in the bottom left as shown below.
  3. Once in this menu, you can select the server you want to play on, as well as select the LOL client language, and the game language.
  4. Select the desired language and click on the cross on the right side of the screen.
  5. It’s worth noting right away that this changed language in League of Legends will result in an update to load the newly selected language. So, if you are going to join a game with friends, take this loading time into account.

So now you have learned how to change the language in the League of the entire game and the client in particular. So you can choose any language, just pay attention to the update of the involved game. If you saw an error message or d3dx9 issue on how to change League language, here are little tips.

Reboot Your Computer

Yes, you may think this is common nonsense, but still, many players managed to overcome the 3dx939.dll error. All technicians and electronics specialists will tell you. But even shutting down your PC and then turning it back on is more than enough to fix the problem. By doing so, you will be able to join your company in time to fight Baron Nashor.

Launch League of Legends in Admin Mode

Some communities that deal with this issue have argued that there is a simple manipulation that can help if this is exactly the problem you have. Right-click the game icon on your desktop. Then select Run as administrator “. If the “Administrator Mode” option isn’t available, then your computer already has those rights that allow you to work under the guise of an administrator. In that case, this is not the problem.

Install the Latest Official Version of Microsoft DirectX

The 3dx939.dll works consistently with DirectX. Make sure you have the latest version of your computer software. If not, then this could very well be the heart of the problem. However, be careful. It is very likely that you think you are aware when this isn’t the case. There are usually two reasons for this situation. If you notice that the game needs to be updated to the latest version of DirectX 9.0, but you still decide not to visit the official Microsoft website. You typed “dll DirectX download” in your search box and selected a third-party site, which may not be Microsoft’s at all. In this case, make the update exactly through the official website to avoid viruses and problems.

Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

Perhaps some of you have come across the fact that video card drivers don’t keep pace with the game. This problem isn’t very common, but even so, it shouldn’t be ruled out, but it is better to double-check so that you can determine possible failures in future work. Think about whether the game will play correctly if the video card is not able to communicate correctly with DirectX? Your answer is probably no. In getting a crash or error, the computer will show you the d3dx939.dll problem, after which the game will be shut down. That is why it is worth trying to update your drivers. It is not very long in time, about a few minutes, but it will definitely give some kind of positive result.

Install League of Legends Again

If none of the above actions helped, then try simply reinstalling the game itself. Yes, it may take time, but there is no other way if you encounter 3dx939.dll. When you reinstall it, you will automatically have a package of DirectX copies downloaded, which will do just fine, unlike the same option to update everything through the official Microsoft website.

We are confident that our tips on how to change the language in League of Legends have been helpful to you. Choose the appropriate way to do this to fully enjoy the game. By the way, a little advice. If you want to learn another foreign language, then use a League-changing language, you can get excellent practice, which will surely be useful to you. Try it!

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