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Different situations can arise with your RAM. You may need to add more memory, change it, or it may not perform its main function. In this case, you definitely need to find out about all its characteristics, such as tim and size. How to check the type of ram? Next, we will tell you about several ways to do this correctly and find out all the necessary information on this matter.

Check Ram Type Windows 7 via Search Bar

Everything is quite simple here, and you can check it in a few steps. First, click on the start button, and then enter “RAM” into the search box and select the appropriate link that will show the necessary information. Then you will see that a window has appeared in which all the characteristics of the personal computer system are described. Here you can also find the check type of ram.

Windows Check Ram Type via “My Computer”

ram type check

Everything is also simple here. Click on the “Control Panel” button and start the computer. Click the down arrow next to the word “View” and then look for the “Large Icons” option. Then a window will appear in which you need to find the value “System”, where there will be a picture of the computer next to it. A window with memory characteristics will open next. In addition, you can find out other information about memory.

Windows 7 Check Ram Type via Tasks

Open the task manager on your personal computer. Select “Performance” and then select the appropriate section in which you can check the type of ram Windows 7. Here you can see all the indicators related to memory, how much space is occupied/free, how much space is occupied by the cache, and more. In performance, you can also find out other indicators that can affect the speed of work.

Ram Type Check on the Computer via Commands

Click on start. Enter “cmd” in the search box. Then the command line of your personal computer will open, in which you need to enter “wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel, DeviceLocator, Capacity, Speed”. Then several columns of information will appear on your screen. This BankLabel shows the available microcircuits of the built-in RAM of the computer. One of the columns describes the capacity, which will show the number of bytes in memory. In addition, you can see other stats and metrics through the dashboard. You need to enter there “Wmic MEMORYCHIP get BankLabel, DeviceLocator, MemoryType, TypeDetail, Capacity, Speed”. Then you will see a window with all the details. For example, if the types have an indicator of 24, respectively, you are using DDR 3. If you see an indicator of 128, this means that the RAM is synchronous.

Thanks for reading the article! We are sure that this information on how to check ram type on Windows 7 has become useful to you and you can easily use it yourself. Good luck!

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