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And so, after the epic battle against Galactus, a new season in Fortnite begins. We saw changes in the map, new bosses, awards, and thematic Mandalorian skin, which opens a new path for us. Of course, to fully enjoy the new change, you need to buy a Battle Pass, where you will find a lot of content. Even after that, you will find a lot of additional things, and we will help you with that. Today, we will talk about how to find the Mandalorian’s Beskar armor.

How to Find the First Part of the Armor?

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As soon as you buy a Battle Pass, you will get the look of a Mandalorian, but not in full uniform. To get the legendary armor from the Disney+ series, you have a lot of tasks to perform.

We are met by the first task called Razor, in which we are hinted that the main character’s ship has landed somewhere on the updated map of Season 5 of Chapter 2.

Of course, the ship must be in the sand, which we can find north of Lazy Lake. Jump in the area of this zone, and you will see the ship during the flight. Smoke and the wreckage will be your guide in finding the ship.

As soon as you land, head to the ship to complete your mission. You can fight the main character and steal his jetpack. The deed is not worthy of a man, but the real gamer will never miss the opportunity to fly the jetpack, even if you need to kill someone for it.

Search and Fight with the Mandalorian in Fortnite

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The new boss at Fortnite attracts all players to the battlefield. You will find him very quickly, but there will be other players on the way. It is not surprising because everyone wants to get a jetpack and go on a flight. If you are lucky enough to find it alone, then hurry up and kill it. The accuracy of his shooting is not high, but he has high mobility because he can fly. After he dies, you can get not only a cool jetpack but also the most powerful rifle in the game.

What Kind of Armor?

All Star Wars fans certainly know the answer to this question. Armor from invulnerable ore, which was found on the planet Mandalore. With it, the protagonist could even withstand the attacks of the lightsaber.

But in the game, the armor will perform only the customization function and will not give you an advantage against other players. After you find the first part of the armor, you will see a list of all the tasks to be performed to collect the entire set. Also, you will find new quests from NPC in the game.

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