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After you have learned the fundamental skills, it is time for you to move to the next stage of training and understand how to get better at CS:GO. In this guide, we will give you useful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tips to help you raise your rank and enjoy the game.

How to Improve in CS:GO

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The system of issuing the primary rank in CS:GO is simple enough as you need to win ten games. After you get two wins, you will have a cooldown of competitive mode for 24 hours. But do not forget, if you have not played for two weeks in the CS:GO, then your rank is reset, and you will have to recalibrate, but you will need to win one game to return your rank. If you raise your rank high enough and don’t play for a long time, after your next victory, you can get a much lower rank.

So, let’s step back from the lyrics and move on to CS:GO tips to get better that will help you raise the rank.

Customize the Control to Suit Your Needs

How banal it did not sound, but this aspect is crucial. Often players do not adjust the control, but you need to overcome your laziness and go to the settings, for example: change the crosshair and its color with transparency, reassign the keys, etc.

The main thing you need to change in the settings is the speed of the cursor because the reaction and your skills are extensive, and the aiming speed and its accuracy are the key to victory.

Play for Fun

cs go tips for beginners

The fundamental thing to get better at CS:GO. When playing in MM, you risk undermining your ass, especially when playing solo. Random players have different skills and abilities in the CS. Some are quite adequate, which will be sympathetic to your death or loss of the round, and others will poke into your fails and pushing in every way, but we’ll talk about it later. The essence of this advice is simple – if the game is not set then do not play further. The aggression with nerves is a hell of a mixture, and you can jiggle very hard and make reckless moves, which will adversely affect your game and the team too. You have to control your emotions to get good at CS:GO.

Turn Prime Status On

The main thing is that there will be fewer cheaters and toxic players, as well, as the comfort of the game increases several times. To get prime status, you need to buy status in the Steam store or reach 21 levels.

Be Calm and Loyal to the Teammates

Valve has added a hidden system of morality to the game. In simple words, the more adequate you play (no cheating, no insulting, no killing allies, etc.), the more chances that your team will get the same players. It is a strong enough argument because there will be no toxic players on the team, and other players will help you to understand your mistakes without insults, and you will progress on the best way to get better at CS:GO. Such a team will have many times more chances to win than the eternally swearing schoolchildren.

Don’t Chase the Kills

The desire to stuff a large number of murders and be on the first line of the table can be fatal for your rank. CS:GO is a team and tactical game, where each player must perform his role: someone rushes one of the sites, and the other throws him a flash grenade or covers while an ally plant the bomb.

You will see many games where you will stay four against one and lose the round. The desire to make more kills will force you to leave the point of the bomb and go in search of the last opponent. Your allies will follow the same example, and you will die one by one and lose the round. Remember that you need to focus on winning your team, not on your performance.

Play with Your Friends

cs go for beginners

You must go to competitive mode with your friends because this is the best Counter-strike: Global Offensive strategy. There are great chances that you will get a team of a different nationality or toxic players. And if you don’t have a prime status, don’t ruin your nerves and look for a team.

And in general, the team game is a pledge of raising the rank. Remember the professional players, their discord, and tactics. They understand each other without words, which is impossible to say about the random teammates.

Gather your team and play only with them. In some time, you will understand each other and will know who is the leader and who is the clutch player or sniper. Such information is rather useful because you can adjust to the team’s game, and they are also for you.

So, How to Get Better at Counter-Strike?

CS: GO is a game that requires you to constantly develop, both in the style of the game and in the layout of smoke and flash grenades. In this regard, the easiest way how to get good at Counter-Strike is to watch tournaments.

The tournaments are played by the top and the best players. In addition to their skill, you can also look at their tactics of the game and the layout of flashes and smokes. Knowing this information, you can always beat the players who do not know about it or simply forget about it.

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