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At the end of June, a terrible event happened to us. Epic Games removed the old PvE mode Save the World, where you could get free V-Bucks in Fortnite. Where did it lead to? Nothing, but all progress has slowed down. The developers have removed the ability to get free V-Bucks for new players. Will Epic Games think about it, and will they return the possibility to earn V-Bucks back to all players? There is such a chance! However, we will have to wait at least a year. Soon, a new engine will be developed, and the gaming industry will take a step forward, which will take Fortnite on a new path. Perhaps, at this point, they will return everyone’s favorite PvE mode.

But we will really look at things and understand that it is not profitable for Epic Games to return this mod. The old PvE mod was very cheap, with a 50 percent discount. Many players took advantage of the moment and once bought a ticket to the world of free V-Bucks, and they never need to donate to the game again. This policy is not profitable for developers because everyone wants to eat, and everyone wants to make sales and develop their projects. Most likely, we will have two outcomes. Either Epic Games will create something new, where the V-Bucks farm will be cut, or they will never come back to the same thing.

fortnite how to get v bucks

Under no circumstances, you must not use any third-party resources to get V-Bucks in Fortnite! Don’t buy or sell accounts that have the Save the World mod left on them. Such activities are easily tracked and will be punished by developers. This is a serious violation of the rules, and you will get a ban on your account, the ban on the purchased account, the ban on your computer or console. Do not break this rule for any reason because if it exists, it means you have to stick to it. All the rest has terrible consequences, so take care of yourself and your accounts. We understand that it’s hard to accept that it’s no longer possible to get V-Bucks for free, but we’ll have to accept it.

But in fact, the game still has some pretty good offers. You can buy Battle Pass and get V-Bucks for levels. This will give you the opportunity to buy the next Battle Pass for free if you do not spend currency on other things in the store. For one donation, you get all the subsequent content of each season, and it is profitable.

Even if you have absolutely no money for a donation in the game, you still have the opportunity to get V-Bucks, but at a long distance. Sooner or later, you will accumulate on Battle Pass, and then you can buy it without a donation every season.

There is also a way to buy a Starter Pack, which will give you 600 V-Bucks and the opportunity to buy a Battle Pass later.

If you are already an experienced player, you know that there are a lot of events inside the game that allow you to win a huge number of V-Bucks. There are tournaments where the main prize can be 50,000 of game currency. If you continue to play and develop, be sure to snatch your piece of the pie. Many streamers and bloggers often hold contests where they draw the desired currency. Keep an eye on the biggest bloggers and take the opportunity to get free V-Bucks. If you are a big fan of the game, it will surely reward you.

Fortnite likes hard-working and diligent players who train and improve. Such players in the game will always encourage and give great opportunities and even the opportunity to build a career and earn real money.

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