kerbal space program stock visual enhancements

Perhaps you have already tried all the possible settings in KSP, and it has become boring. Of course, you will want something new. To do this, you can use visual mods. Today we will just tell you how to install and save them in the game.

Installing Kerbal Space Program Graphics Mods

The easiest way to install mods for Kerbal Space Program stock visual enhancements, in which everything is already decomposed into folders in the archive – then you just need to copy them and replace them to the KSP installation folder. (Attention – there may be errors in the name of the folders!).

Often there is a folder in the archives with plugins called “Source”, and so, this folder contains the source code of the plugin so that other modders can edit/add something to the plugin, and you don’t need to copy it anywhere. But sometimes (due to the disorganization of modders) there is no decomposition into folders. This is where the dog is buried, because it isn’t clear what and where to throw it!

In new versions of the game, the installation of mods has undergone some changes – now the game looks for parts/plugins/resources/sounds in the GameData folder and subfolders, which makes it convenient to separate mod details from vanilla ones. General instructions for installing the best visual mods for KSP (if the author didn’t provide instructions):

  • Find the GameData folder at the root of the KSP folder;
  • Copy the folder with the mod from the archive into it (it is often called by the name of the mod or the nickname of the author/”company” that made the mod) If there is a GameData folder in the mod, then you just need to copy it and all folders on the same level with it to the root of the KSP installation confirming the replacement.

Saving Kerbal Graphics Mods

Saving Kerbal Graphics Mods

Saves Kerbal Space Program visual enhancements mods are of two types: saving ships and saving worlds. The file format for saving ships is .craft, and saving worlds are entire folders with persistent.sfs and a folder with ships. Directories for saving ships:

  • [installation folder] \ Ships \ VAB – Folder for stock missiles;
  • [installation folder] \ Ships \ SPH – Folder for stock aircraft;
  • [installation folder] \ Saves \ [world name] \ Ships \ VAB – Folder for custom missiles;
  • [installation folder] \ Saves \ [world name] \ Ships \ SPH – Folder for custom aircraft.

The directory for saving worlds is [installation folder]\Saves. To save a scenario or training session, copy the .sfs file to\Saves\Scenarios for the scenario and \Saves\Training for the training.
Surely installing and activating the Kerbal Space Program environmental visual enhancements mods will be easier than ever after our explanations. Just take your time and check if you entered everything correctly. And start playing right away!

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