What You Need To Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

Everyone understands that now most people interact with video games in one way or another. And many gamers, especially beginners, want to somehow become as popular as world celebrities in this field who simply shoot their gameplay on YouTube. Is it real? Absolutely.

Agree, just like that, fame and many subscribers won’t come to you without any effort. That is why, if you want to have your own channel, where you will show your skills and abilities to other players and amateurs, you need to do a gaming YouTube setup. This will be a key moment to go on the path of glory and declare yourself to the world. Perhaps it was the YouTube gaming recording setup and other related things that stopped you before starting to develop on this platform. But everything isn’t as scary as it might seem at first glance.

Yes, YouTube’s gaming setup is quite a difficult thing, which is difficult to figure out the first time. In addition to it, in order to record high-quality videos, you must definitely have YouTube recording equipment, a camera, and other important details (we will create a separate YouTube gaming setup list), which you will learn about very soon. Also, today in the article we will just sort out things you need to be a gaming YouTuber, so that you can more easily navigate at the very beginning of your journey. So let’s not hesitate – let’s get started!

YouTube Gaming Equipment

YouTube is probably the most popular platform on which world-famous gamers upload their videos for fans. But also most of them work not only for the public but also to make a profit from each new video. It’s interesting to know that some people don’t even have to launch new videos anymore because they will get great money from regular broadcasts.

What is important in achieving this success? It is clear that the content itself will come first. The second is YouTube gaming supplies. After all, the quality of your content and people’s reaction to the product will depend on them. Surely you understand that even without a microphone you won’t be able to make a full video, not to mention other equipment needed for YouTube gaming. If you also like to watch podoib videos, then you will notice how the video was made and what YouTube equipment gaming was used there. You don’t have to have everything exactly the same as the top YouTubers. First, it costs a lot of money. In addition, it will be difficult for you to decide what to do with all the equipment for YouTube gaming if you stop doing this activity. For the first time, it will be enough for you to have a YouTube gaming starter kit in stock. What belongs there?

What Equipment Do You Need for a Gaming YouTube Channel?

What Equipment Do You Need for a Gaming YouTube Channel?

Immediately, we note that all these things you need to start a gaming channel will give the best result in combination. So take a look at each of this list:

Niche and Strategy

This is where you should start your blogging activity. You can consider this as the basis of everything. Decide which videos you want to show to people. You shouldn’t choose several directions, because “spray” on different genres, you may miss any little things, because of which the video won’t be as it could be. Choose, for example, streaming, reviews, feature show, gameplay filming, or just the usual tips for novice gamers. After determining, start studying it. Over time, when you see good results in your work, you can gradually add new genres so as not to lose the audience and its views. The strategy should start from the very beginning and for the next month at least. Make a list of the videos you want, a timeline for their release, and more. This removes the possibility that you will forget or miss something.

Gaming Channel Equipment

Your content should be of high quality from the very beginning. And for this you cannot do without the following things:

  • Stable Access to the Game. You must be sure that you have constant access to the game (it is advisable to check this from time to time if you pay on a monthly basis). If you are using a PC or console as YouTube gaming channel equipment, make sure that they are working and updated before you start filming. Otherwise, such a problem may emerge at the wrong moment.
  • Screen Shooting. This should be a must for everyone. Make sure you have the right software on your computer that will allow you to record your computer screen without any problems, glitches, or lag. If you don’t have that, just download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
  • Video Camera. In addition to screen recording, you may need to film yourself as well. This is where the camera will be very important. You don’t need to take professional filming equipment. Many gamers and streamers use conventional video cameras or webcams. If you are using a simple camera, it should have a tripod so that it can be held securely in a suitable location. The only other thing to consider is that the resolution must be at least 1080p or higher.
  • Audio Recording. Each video must have some kind of voiceover, otherwise, it will be impossible to watch them. As audio equipment to start a YouTube gaming channel, you can use ordinary headphones with a good microphone. Double-check how it sounds on the recording before use. If you are using a conventional microphone, you should also check its sound. It will also be important to find his ideal ramp on the table so that he can clearly record your voice without interfering with the gameplay.
  • Lighting & Background. These things you need for a gaming channel will also be important if you are filming yourself. You don’t want to show your room (or the mess in it), right? Then take care of the background. You can buy a green background and insert a suitable option when editing the video. By the way, you can just use a filter that will paint over everything except you. If your play area isn’t in the most illuminated part of the room, you should also have good lighting so that you can be seen in good light. Otherwise, it can also affect the perception of your videos.
  • Video Editing. You can download an ordinary editor where you will glue sound, images from cameras, and possibly other details. Make sure that all moments converge and nothing lags behind the picture. Yes, in the beginning, you will have to work hard to make the video perfect and correctly identify transitions or possible clippings. By the way, about this. If you cut out any fragment from a game moment, make sure that this moment won’t be too important. If nevertheless, the video becomes not entirely clear without it, it is better to re-record or go through this moment again (if possible).

Shooting Video

If you have already set yourself all the strategies and plans, and also stocked up on the necessary tools, then it’s time to combine all this into a single whole. We begin to shoot the video. Make sure before recording that everything is working and ready to start. It is also advisable to make yourself look decent and warm up your voice. This will make your story easier and your voice more pleasant. In addition, you must be sure that you can correctly formulate your speech during the gameplay and comment on everything that happens, and speak your own thoughts. If you made a mistake in the word or any other problems with a speech in the video, cut out this moment. Alternatively, you can just say a word or a sentence more RA right away, having said it already correctly.

Don’t forget that you are human and people are watching you too. Communicate with them, joke, talk about more than just games. This will make the video more lively and interesting. You can even do something funny in the game. Perhaps the audience will want to repeat this too. But at the same time, you shouldn’t go beyond the accessibility and comply with the rules of YouTube.

This is everything you need to start a YouTube gaming channel. When you are sure that you have all the components and are ready to handle the work ahead, start shooting. Try recording at least one or more test clips first. That way, you can see where more work needs to be done and fix these bugs in future videos. If possible, show your friend or acquaintance the video so that they can make an assessment from the outside. So you can notice such flaws that you didn’t notice.

When you can understand exactly what things you need for YouTube gaming before launching your channel. You may need to buy or find something in your attic. We recommend that you do this before actually filming the first video on your channel so that it can give viewers a good impression of you from the first time. For a start, it isn’t necessary to buy professional equipment for a YouTube gaming channel if you are at the amateur level. Just choose the options that suit you and get started!

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