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Everyone understands perfectly well that the game console, and more specifically the PlayStation 3, isn’t just a place where you can play your favorite games with friends. You can also watch TV shows, movies, series, and other videos without any problem. This is very convenient, especially since they are all reproduced in excellent quality.

But how do you make it possible to stream movies on PS3 2015? First, you need to check the Internet connection with the console so that the broadcast is good and without interruptions. A little hint: connect with an Ethernet wire as this will provide a better and more stable connection. In addition, you must have a PlayStation Network account. This will enable you to use the app store. After that, you must install a suitable program that can play the PS3 movie stream.

How to Stream Movies on PS3: Top Apps

stream movies to ps3

And so, let’s get down to the fun part. Now we are going to show you the programs that can provide you with good stream movies to PS3. We carefully studied many of the available store programs on the console and also paid attention to user feedback. We also took examples that we ourselves use almost every day. In the end, we were able to identify the 3 best PS3 movie stream apps.


You’ve probably heard about this because this is a good application that shows movies on the console and not only. It is clear that this fun stream TV PS3 isn’t free. But in return, you get excellent quality and an almost endless library of movies, channels, and series. Also, if you are a fan of Netflix films, then this application will probably suit you the best because the quality of the films will be much better.

To get started with the program, sign in to your account on the console. Then go to the Network menu and find the “What’s New” section, then go there. There you will find this application (if it isn’t there, you can find it in the application store and open that), and install it. It takes only a few minutes. Once downloaded, return to the home screen under the “Videos” section. The application itself will be there. Then login or create your account, then you can enjoy the stream movies PS3.

Hulu Plus

This application will allow you to play all the seasons of your favorite TV shows (in regular Hulu, only the last few seasons were shown if the program is on long enough). In addition, there is an opportunity to broadcast not only on the console but also on your personal computer, tablet or phone. It is also worth noting that this application for the PS3 TV stream is also not free. But at the same time, useful opportunities and good picture quality open up to you.

Its installation is identical to the installation of the Netflix platform, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out. Only now you should choose the all-over green Hulu Plus logo.

PS3 Media Server

If you are a confident user of the console, then you have probably heard about this. Thanks to this software, you get to listen to music and stream movies on PS3 for free. Here you won’t worry that you will need to download something, that it will end up in the wrong folder. Also, you will not need to check file formats.

Log into PlayOn through your computer. This will automatically download the content that you often search on the Internet, and will broadcast it to your console. You can download your favorite applications for free for 2 weeks, and then you will need to buy a subscription (it is better to take it for a year at once – it will be more profitable).

Thanks for reading the article. We are sure that you have now figured out how to stream movies to PS3 and can repeat it yourself on your console. The main thing is not to rush so as not to make mistakes. Have a good time!

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