How Does Steam Remote Play Work

Today we are going to talk about the useful Steam Remote Play feature and learn how to use it. This is a built-in feature available to any active user of the platform. We’ll tell you how does Steam Remote Playwork, what basic settings need to be set, and how to work correctly! Also, you’ll know if you can stream on Steam, we guarantee.

Description and Functions

Let’s start by defining what is Steam Remote Play. Everything is very simple – this is a new function of the online platform, and it is divided into 2 types: TOGETHER and ANYWHERE.

ANYWHERE makes it possible to play on one computer when the game is running on another device within the same home. Image and sound are transmitted from one device to another, while control is performed on a remote computer;

TOGETHER is an option that allows you to share local multiplayer games with friends over the network. Completely free, one user can share content with others (up to four or more).

Let’s talk in detail about how to use the function – for this, we can look at the main features of the options.


  • Ability to broadcast to any device;
  • An excellent opportunity to run “bulk” toys on weak computers and unsupported operating systems;
  • It is enough to install the content once to get access forever from any device;
  • The game can be played continuously by switching between different devices.


A few words about how to use Steam Remote Play in the TOGETHER option.

  • You can use local applications even if the content does not support network use by default;
  • It is possible to broadcast video, sound, conversations between players without delay, provided a fast Internet connection;
  • You can adjust the volume of sound and voice chat;
  • The content becomes cross-platform, even if usually not possible.

A complete list of games supported on Steam Remote Play is available here. There is a lot of content in the catalog with support for the function, it is constantly updated with new positions! Choose and start playing.

How to Setup Steam Remote Play?

How to Setup Steam Remote Play

You would be pleasantly surprised – no complicated steps need to be taken. The main thing is to choose a game that is included in the list of supported ones (see the full list above).

To use the TOGETHER option, you need:

  • Run the application you want;
  • Find a certain person in the list of friends;
  • Right-click and send the invitation;
  • The friend must accept the chat invitation.

How to use the ANYWHERE option, and can you screen share on Steam?

You just need the additional Steam Link app to be installed on the second, connected device. Be sure to check if there is an option to download this program – as long as it is not available everywhere.

Once Link is loaded, you can easily connect to your host device and open Steam Remote Play on devices such as your TV, phone or tablet. They can be on Android or IOS operating systems. The main thing is to log into your account on both devices.

Possible Problems

steam link how to setup

If the function lags, you need to carefully study the list of possible difficulties – we have collected known and common problems. Look at the description of the problem and solutions (if any), use our advice, and don’t make mistakes again!

General difficulties:

  • It is not known whether the client is able to assign port 27036 to itself – if this has not happened, other computers won’t be shown in the function settings;
  • If the window with the game becomes inactive, the desktop of the computer on which it is running would be automatically broadcast, but this is just a feature of the program;
  • The broadcast of third-party content is not officially supported, there may be difficulties;
  • Voice over broadcast is not supported;
  • The broadcast-quality drops if the stream goes to operating systems with a single- or dual-core processor and without support for hardware H264 decoding;
  • DirectInput devices are not supported, but XInput devices work;
  • Games running on outdated versions of DirectX cannot be played.

Windows Features

  • Windows XP is not supported;
  • User account control windows interrupt the broadcast.

Features of macOS:

  • Does not work on computers with Mac OS 10.8 or later.

Features of SteamOS / Linux:

  • Vibration settings are unavailable;
  • If you want to use game controllers on the host computer, dev / uinput or / dev / input / uinput must be readable and editable.

The blog authors have detailed in this guide the very useful Steam Remote Play feature for all game lovers. Thanks to it, you can run your favorite games on any device convenient for you. Try it now with your friends!

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