5g in the netherlands

Several cell towers were damaged or set on fire last week in the Netherlands by opponents of a 5G network deployment.

A number of groups of activists in the Netherlands are opposed to the emergence of 5G networks mainly because of fears that radio waves could harm human health. There are concerns about the risk that the introduction of new technology could compromise confidentiality.

Activists have managed to damage four cell phone towers in the past week. Despite the incidents, providers and operators in the Netherlands are doing their best to maintain a high level of service quality.

We would like to remind you that earlier in April at least 20 incidents with arson or other damage to communication towers occurred in the UK. Not only the towers with 5G equipment but also 3G and 4G standard base stations were damaged by vandals.

Will 5G compromise confidentiality or not we’ll inform you later but now you can read about the iPhone with 5G.

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