Сharacter Yae Miko Leaks in Genshin Impact

Finally, the long-awaited leaks of the character Yae Miko from the game Genshin Impact have leaked online. She is also known as Guji Yae and is a priestess of the Great Narukami Temple.

Not much is known about her. We met this lovely girl in the 2.1 storyline in the new region of Inazuma. If you look closely at her model, you’ll notice the Electro Eye of God. This means that Yae Miko would have the Elektro vision. We know that she is elegant and beautiful, but she is actually very smart and cunning. It cannot be understood using ordinary logic. Yae Miko has his own principles and ways of doing business. She is also the closest friend of Archon Inazuma – Shogun Raiden and Archon Li Yue – Morax.

Datamines saw in the game files that Yae Miko would own the catalyst, but MiHoYo, as always, can change everything. Also, players assume that she’ll have the role of DD or SupDD.

A very large number of players are waiting for the official release of Guji Yae as a playable character and suggest that this can be possible in update 2.5.

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